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Cloud Provides a Secure Central Data Hub in Healthcare

Data Hub

Previously, I introduced the cloud’s ability to modernize healthcare data and analytics. This blog outlines cloud as a secure and central data hub.

Sources such as electronic medical records, medical databases, and connected devices have created astronomical growth in the volume of healthcare data. This data requires proper management and analysis to derive meaningful information.

Cloud platforms are capable of running intensive analytics on various data sources and formats, supporting both traditional analytics and advanced data science initiatives. Data warehouses and data lakes are excellent at storing unstructured, semi-structured, and streaming data.

Cloud adoption requires IT organizations and the technology providers supporting them to adhere to the highest standards of privacy, security, and compliance. This is one of the major concerns for many healthcare organizations on a cloud journey. The good news is that major cloud providers have developed technologies that are much safer, HIPAA and HITRUST compliant, and easier to use than existing on-premises IT infrastructure. Through collaboration with managed cloud providers, organizations that have a cloud strategy backed by a privacy and security mindset are able to alleviate compliance concerns.

Many organizations leverage a hybrid cloud approach to ease the transition to cloud, ensure they meet compliance standards or manage budgets. But there are additional concerns to keep in mind. Hybrid cloud raises unique security, management, and governance issues, with applications and data hosted both in a private, on-premises environment and with public cloud resources. In these cases, a robust information management strategy coupled with a data governance framework is required to avoid data integration and interpretation issues.

To learn more about how cloud is modernizing the data hub and analytics in healthcare, you can click here or download our guide below.

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