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[Guide] 3 Ways Cloud Is Modernizing Healthcare Data and Analytics


Driven by a growing need for timely information to support system interoperability and improve patient care, digital transformation in healthcare is rapidly evolving and driving the need for systems that can manage and organize large amounts of data. Data, in the right context, increases patient engagement, delivers improved outcomes, and meets regulatory requirements.

Healthcare organizations continue to merge, often resulting in similar or duplicate data being stored in disparate systems, which creates significant complexities. Many organizations are looking to the cloud to help overcome these challenges, and a recent study from Acumen Research indicates that trend is set to continue, with a yearly growth of over 14% projected every year through 2026.

This guide looks at three key ways cloud is modernizing data and analytics in healthcare:

  1. Providing a central hub for data
  2. Providing efficient access to data
  3. Promoting innovation and agility with data

To learn more about how cloud is modernizing data and analytics in healthcare, you can click here or download our guide below.

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