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Melinda Schmidt, RN

Melinda Schmidt is an RN, seasoned healthcare expert, and solutions architect for Perficient. With almost 20 years of healthcare industry experience within the hospital setting and setting up virtual care platforms, Melinda can provide clinical guidance relating to a vast array of healthcare topics.

Blogs from this Author

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Telehealth’s unique purpose in healthcare

The past two years have proven that telehealth and virtual care are here to stay and will gain strength going forward for patients, providers, and payers.  With the ability to provide healthcare to a vast array of patients, the next question is “now what?”  How can we improve and customize a better experience for patients, […]

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Stopping the hemorrhage of the nursing shortage issue

The past 2 years have seen a dramatic shift from nurses leaving bedside and venturing to other areas of employment, leaving hospitals with a critical nursing shortage.  COVID-19 has placed “the last straw in the camel’s back” for many nurses as they are exhausted and pondering their future.  They might stay in a nursing role, […]