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Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Lakshmi Venkatachalam is a Solutions Architect with Oracle CPM team of Perficient.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

FCCS new substitution variable ExtendAccountScope

Did you notice that accounts defined outside the balance sheet hierarchy has started to roll forward since Nov close ?  That’s because of the previously communicated 20.11 upgrade feature that extends account scope of translation and consolidation.  Since you have certain customization needs and you wish to not have these accounts to roll forward outside […]

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Do you use “Composite form” or “runBusinessRule” in your Oracle cloud application ?

Oracle’s support for composite forms will be stopped from May 2021 according to oracle’s update for future.  There are dashboard features that you can take advantage of to convert your composite forms sooner than later. And also if you are executing rulesets using Automate command “runBusinessRule” – you may want to explore “runRuleset” command as […]


December 2020 Patch Update – Do you want to skip this month’s patch update from Oracle?

Have you noticed issues in your TEST environment after a patch update for this month? Now, you want to hold off on your PROD environment patch update from oracle. But is it too late to raise a request to Oracle now in a ticket to stop the PROD patch update? You will be happy to […]

Nov 2020 – Patch Update for EPM Automate

I am just echoing Oracle’s document. Here are the new features with respect to EPM Automate. It clearly benefits the FCC / Tax Reporting audience. To be precise more on the SDM / Close Manager side of FCC – you have new commands to clear region / copy region by profile. Have fun Exploring! Good […]

Approval Process Enhancements October 2020 release

Here are some news from oracle regarding the October 2020 patch update for FCCS: The much awaited changes to approval / review process are coming up.  Titbits from today’s Oracle webcast – FCCS related to approval process for you are, In the approval process, when you add new entities you no longed need to unlock and […]

OCI Essbase application – Editing outline – Browser issues

Recently when I was working on a migration project, I noticed that the Essbase on OCI has differences when it comes to editing the outline and update metadata. On IE 11: When opened, the outline won’t show members to edit, as seen in the screenshot below. On Chrome: When open, the outline usually works to […]

Claims Process

CopySnapshotFromInstance – EPMAutomate Command

There are a few things I would like to add to clarify the usage of the CopySnapshotFromInstance command.  As the documented definition goes, it mentions as a current snapshot in one place but an existing snapshot in another. I would like to confirm that it works on both current and existing snapshots.   CopySnapshotFromInstance is […]

Unable to Obtain a Connection to Hyperion Essbase

When refreshing an ad-hoc SmartView sheet against EPBCS application, you get an error saying “Unable to obtain a connection to Hyperion Essbase. If this problem persists, please contact your administrator.” Error attached here with – If you are here in this blog at this moment reading for a solution, you are one of the lucky […]

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My Approvals unit is not recognizing the year – How can I validate data in FCCS?

If you are getting Failed: Invalid data when you try to lock your period through Approvals, it is time for you to review your Validation form’s variables. Issue: In FCCS – When you are ready to validate and lock the period using the Approvals Menu – you will notice that the validation doesn’t go through […]

Drug Induced Liver Injury

Summary from Improve Consolidation Performance – KSCOPE19 Session

I attended a very good session on June 25, 2019, by Kari Hassebrock of C.H. Robinson & Coen de Steur of KPMG that explained how the team experienced performance issues with respect to consolidation / translation in FCCS and the various options they applied to tackle it. After attending this session, I could get myself […]

3 things I want to explore more on Groovy with EPBCS API-KSCOPE19

Kscope19, ODTUG’s user conference known for providing a rich opportunity for networking and education on Oracle technologies, is taking place this week in Seattle! I was fortunate enough to attend the session”Getting Started with Groovy for the Non-Technical Superstars” with presenter Kyle Goodfriend, Vice President of Oracle Practice – Accelytics who introduced how to get […]

OneStream – My High-Level Perspective

I recently got my hands on OneStream software. I can definitely say that OneStream is in vogue, especially working through many other products since the Essbase- Hyperion System 9 days, surviving the changes from Enterprise -> FDM -> FDQM -> FDMEE / Data Management, navigating through to see Planning/ HFM on cloud taking multiple forms […]

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