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Rick Linehan, Solution Architect, Shares Why He Chose Perficient

What is your role? I’m a Solutions Architect within our OneStream national practice. In short, I partner with our customers to identify their financial systems requirements and then lead the design, development, and delivery of a solution to address the need. What’s keeping them up at night? Why are we having a discussion? You could […]

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OneStream – Table Views Part 1 of 2

Table Views if you are not familiar is the OneStream functionality which enables the querying and updating of relational data utilizing the Spreadsheet Page.  In this blog which is Part 1 of 2, I will review the data querying functionality of Table Views, and then in Part 2 will extend Part 1 by discussing how […]

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Technical Consultant Shares Why He Got into OneStream Consulting

What is your role at Perficient?  In my role as a technical consultant, I work directly with clients that have chosen OneStream to fulfill their corporate performance management (CPM) needs. I collaborate with our knowledgeable Perficient project team to identify solutions to address client pain points and discuss a possible MarketPlace solution. When we have […]

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OneStream File Association Quick Tip

As with most programs, the OneStream platform utilizes file extensions that typically will not be associated with a program on your computer.  This Quick Tip will provide the steps on how to associate the import log of a file represented by extension “XFL” and the export of a transformation rule represented by extension “TRX” with […]

Difference Between Team Site and Communication Site in SharePoint

OneStream Custom Color Quick Tip

Recently I was working on a project and as part of the implementation, Cube Views were created which were deployed as Forms for data input.  For most individuals who have implemented OneStream, creating a Cube View and deploying it as a Form is standard practice.  What was different about this implementation is that the Cube […]

OneStream and Kyriba Partner Alliance Manager

New OneStream and Kyriba Partner Alliance Manager: Kelly Reck

We are excited to welcome Kelly Reck to Perficient as the OneStream and Kyriba Partner Alliance Manager! The Partner Alliance Manager role is focused on the stewardship of our OneStream and Kyriba partnerships. Kelly joins our team with over a decade of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) experience and is excited to hit the ground running […]

Why OneStream?

Before I discuss my “Why OneStream?”, I will provide an abbreviated background for myself to assist you the reader in understanding my perspective. I started with Hyperion Enterprise and Arbor Software’s primary product, Essbase, in 1998 at a time when for many users Excel was a shirt size, fax machines were dominant, and email was […]

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OneStream – Table Data Manager

During the month of June 2021, OneStream Software made available a new MarketPlace Solution, Table Data Manager, to which this blog will provide an introduction.  Per the Setup Instructions, “Table Data Manager was built to enable the management of tables and views in an Azure SQL Database” and based on this blog the functionality I […]

Zero Based Budgeting with OneStream

[Webinar Recording] Aligning Spend and Business Goals with Zero-Based Budgeting in OneStream

This past week, Dave Collins, director of solutions consulting for OneStream Global Alliances, and Terry Ledet, OneStream senior solutions architect, presented Aligning Spend and Business Goals with Zero-Based Budgeting in OneStream.  Since its development in the 1970s, Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB), has become one of several approaches to link expenditures to measurable (and justifiable) initiatives. […]

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OneStream – Integration and Attribute Dimensions

Recently a question was posted to OneStream Champions, inquiring on how to configure Attribute Value Dimensions.  This blog will provide a tutorial on how this configuration occurs which will be demonstrated with the OneStream GolfStream application. As is customary, log into the GolfStream application. Select and expand “Application” -> “Cube” -> “Cubes“. Select the “Cube” […]

Financial OneStream webinar

[Webinar] Aligning Spend and Business Goals with Zero-Based Budgeting in OneStream

Since coming to prominence in the 1970s, zero-based budgeting (ZBB) has pivoted from being a rigid discipline solely for cost containment to one of several approaches to link expenditures to measurable (and justifiable) initiatives. OneStream makes it easier than ever to add ZBB into the financial planning cycle. By blending highly summarized financial data with […]

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OneStream – Importing Non-Default Descriptions

Does your organization need to produce reporting with descriptions other than the Default Description specified on a member?  If yes, this blog post is for you as I will demonstrate how to leverage Excel and a metadata import to update member descriptions that are not the Default Description.  The reason for a custom solution is […]

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