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December 2020 Patch Update – Do you want to skip this month’s patch update from Oracle?


Have you noticed issues in your TEST environment after a patch update for this month? Now, you want to hold off on your PROD environment patch update from oracle. But is it too late to raise a request to Oracle now in a ticket to stop the PROD patch update? You will be happy to hear this update from Oracle.


Oracle had provided a new EPM Automate Command “SkipUpdate” from December 2020. I am excited to see this option in place. The much-awaited EPM Automate command is here this month.

Oracle’s Update on this command from 20.12 Patch update:

skipUpdate Command

Sets a skip update request asking Oracle to skip applying a monthly update to an environment or removes all skip update requests that were previously made using this command so that the environment is updated to the main code line. You can also use this command to list the skip update requests currently specified for an environment.

You can set skip update requests for a maximum of two update cycles. You cannot skip updates for an environment that is on a one-off patch. Additionally, you cannot skip monthly updates that are more than two months apart from the update that the environment is currently on. For example, if the environment is currently on 20.12, you can skip 21.01 and 21.02, but not 21.03.

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Lakshmi Venkatachalam

Lakshmi Venkatachalam is a Solutions Architect with Oracle CPM team of Perficient.

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