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Heather Bowman

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Is eCommerce Actually Killing Off Brick-and-Mortar Stores?

Contrary to popular belief, digital commerce is NOT killing off the physical store. For the past decade, headlines have declared the demise of brick-and-mortar by the evil hands of eCommerce. And that story-line acceptance seemed to drive store closures and abandonment of malls due to growing online sales. However, that is not necessarily the case. […]

IRCE 2017 is Here! Visit Booth 834!

IRCE, the retail industry’s BIGGEST e-commerce conference and tradeshow is taking place NOW! A great morning start with Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran as IRCE’s special guest! A few great things are happening today: HOT topics today: Today’s biggest topic is around what is being seen as the top tech trend in retail – AI (artificial […]

Forrester & Perficient Digital Present: How to Improve Your Commerce CX Model

Are you delivering top-notch digital experiences to your customers? Expectations are rising and opportunities are emerging. Minimum expectations now span optimized user experiences, personalized content and offers, and advanced buying scenarios, all while being relevant to the customer and a particular moment of engagement. As technology continues to become ubiquitous, both consumers and B2B buyers turn […]

How Can CRO Improve Your eCommerce Performance?

Does your business focus on the offer of services or goods? If so, then most likely your end business goal is to gain revenue to make a profit. Offering value and high-quality leaves customers eager to return and make repeat purchases however, where they actually make that purchase is a different matter entirely. Driving high volumes […]

Perficient & Forrester: How CX is Changing Commerce Business Models – WEBINAR

Join Perficient and our guest speaker from Forrester Research on June 1st at 11am CST for an informative webinar discussing the importance of having a customer-focused commerce model. The webinar, “How to Create a More Customer-Focused Commerce Model,” will be led by Steve Gatto, a commerce and digital experience specialist for Perficient’s digital agency, Perficient […]

Why Are Consumers Abandoning Carts?

A recent blog post written by Erin Wold, a member of Perficient Digital, discusses the top five reason for consumers abandoning carts on eCommerce sites. Most all of us, being consumers, have a pretty good idea why carts are abandoned because we do it ourselves. But we don’t think of the business impact unless we […]

IRCE 2017 – Visit us at Booth #834!

IRCE 2017 is 4 weeks away! Don’t miss it! The game of eCommerce is changing fast. IRCE is a perfect opportunity to stay up to speed in this fast-paced era. eCommerce sales have consistently outpaced expectations over the last year. eMarketer forecasts U.S. retail eCommerce sales will grow 15.7% in 2016, the highest annual increase since […]

Commerce Platforms Part Two – Determining the Right One

54% OF eCOMMERCE EXECUTIVES SAY RE-PLATFORMING IS A TOP PRIORITY OVER THE NEXT YEAR 18%  OF ONLINE RETAILERS ARE USING A SELF-BUILT OR LICENSED ON-PREMISES SOLUTION Now that you have assessed all of the questions you asked yourself in Part One: Discovered the current state of your eCommerce business by reviewing past and current trends […]

How Customer Experiences Are Changing within Commerce Business Models – WEBINAR

As technology continues to become ubiquitous, both consumers and B2B buyers turn to digital commerce as the solution for transacting what’s needed in our daily lives. Admittedly though, we’re a demanding bunch. Minimum expectations now span optimized user experiences, personalized content and offers, and advanced buying scenarios, all while being relevant to the customer and […]

Carrier Enterprise Recognized for Excellence

Carrier Enterprise, a provider of heating, cooling (HVAC) and ventilation aftermarket parts via online channels, was recognized at Magento Imagine’s 2017 awards ceremony April 2nd-5th. CE, along with Perficient Digital, received the award for Best B2B Customer Experience by Magento. Magento Imagine is a conference where more than 2,500 eCommerce agencies, tech providers and experts […]

Choosing a Commerce Platform – Asking the Right Questions

In the age of the consumer, delivering an exceptional customer COMMERCE experience is a key differentiator in eCommerce. Designing, building, and implementing a top-notch experience requires a great deal of planning, strategy, time, and of course, the right platform to support it. Choosing a new commerce platform may come about because: Your commerce business has matured, but […]

Best B2B Experience – Magento Imagine 2017 Winner

Each year at the Magento Imagine Event, Magento recognizes merchants and solution partners for exceptional work done using Magento sites under several categories; such as: Best Web Design, Best Mobile Experience, Best B2B User Experience etc. This year Magento received over 250 entries and it was extremely competitive to be shortlisted. Perficient Digital is so […]

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