How Can CRO Improve Your eCommerce Performance?

Does your business focus on the offer of services or goods? If so, then most likely your end business goal is to gain revenue to make a profit. Offering value and high-quality leaves customers eager to return and make repeat purchases however, where they actually make that purchase is a different matter entirely. Driving high volumes of relevant traffic to your website can definitely make a huge impact on sales revenue but once you have the customer’s attention, it is imperative that their experience is seamless and complete. If so, this can result in repeat purchases and ultimately higher sales revenue. This is where CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) can make a huge play. So what is CRO exactly and how can it help you? A digitally immersive approach that combines a thorough evaluation of site metrics and performance with usability best practices to provide meaningful insights for improving the online experience and ultimately driving increased conversion.
Here are five effective tips to help optimize your customer user journey to increase the likelihood of a higher conversion rate and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Volunteer Trials

Ask volunteers to test the eCommerce part of your website which will help you establish how easy or hard this task is. And if they find it difficult, you can try to assess those specific issues and solutions.

  • Signify Importance

Call-To-Actions (eCommerce) should stand out with prominent placements, bright colors and enlarged buttons.

  • Dropout rate Evaluations

What is the dropout rate on the page just prior to the page to finalize delivery detail/options. When one sees a high dropout rate at this point it can be a result of a need to optimize and test the page or a technical problem with actually checking out properly.

  • Less is more

Too many required fields on a checkout page can cause people to drop from your site.

  • Promotions, promotions, promotions

A/B testing is a great way to test discounts and see if your overall profit increases. By testing different taglines copy to promote discounts one can see what variation leads to higher converstaion rate. Analyzing this test will help you then establish number of customers or average order values increased due to the new variation.

To find out exactly what your needs are Perficient Digital offers a complimentary CRO assessment! Here are some of the results you will see out of this assessment:

  • Deep-dive into qualitative/quantitative data
  • Funnel reporting set up for virtual page views in checkout
  • Comprehensive user research and customer feedback
  • Recommendations on ways to decrease cart abandonment
  • Removal of conversion blockers
  • Conversion-focused mockups for website improvement examples
  • Road map for website improvements
  • Ongoing testing, recommendations and reporting

To find our more about our CRO assessment, contact

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