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Why Are Consumers Abandoning Carts?

A recent blog post written by Erin Wold, a member of Perficient Digital, discusses the top five reason for consumers abandoning carts on eCommerce sites. Most all of us, being consumers, have a pretty good idea why carts are abandoned because we do it ourselves. But we don’t think of the business impact unless we are actually on the other end, such as myself. Understanding why we as consumers abandon our carts helps those of us who are on the business side of this better address the driving forces, and we can see a more dramatic impact on the bottom line.

From unexpected shipping costs to forced account creation, limited trustmarks, missed retargeting opportunities, and underestimating the power of a discount, these are continuously stealing money from your business.

Top 5 reasons:

  • Unexpected Shipping Costs
  • Forced Account Creation
  • Limited Trustmarks
  • Missed Retargeting Opportunities
  • Underestimating the Power of Discounts

To dive into these five reasons, click here!

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