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Choosing a Commerce Platform – Asking the Right Questions

In the age of the consumer, delivering an exceptional customer COMMERCE experience is a key differentiator in eCommerce. Designing, building, and implementing a top-notch experience requires a great deal of planning, strategy, time, and of course, the right platform to support it. Choosing a new commerce platform may come about because:

  • Your commerce business has matured, but you lack the features and capabilities to scale for future growth.
  • Your current platform provider(s) require that you upgrade to a new release to gain support or access to new features and capabilities.

Regardless of either scenario, there are quite a few things you must consider when investing in a digtal commerce platform. The first step before researching platforms is building a business case that aligns with your business model and organization’s strategy. Assessing your business case for a new platform involves a few steps and questions you have to ask about your business:

  • Establish your baseline – What is the current state of your eCommerce business?
  • Identify biz goals and objectives – What do you want to accomplish?
  • Define the customer and the customer experience – Who are your customers
  • Outline success metrics – How will you measure success?
  • Evalute costs and ROI models – What is the total cost of ownership? What is the return on investment?

What to find out more? One of our Commerce experts, John Ambrose, dives into all of these questions and details one has to to think through in order to choose the right commerce platform for them. Download the guide today!
Stay tuned for part two, where we dive into best practices and how Perficient Digital guides our clients by identifying the eCommerce challenges you currently have and providing strategies to solve them!

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