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Benefits Of Implementing Salesforce Health Cloud In Your Organization

A Multi Cloud Strategy Keeps Enterprises On The Cusp Of Innovation

The pandemic accelerated the demand to shift to a value-based care model that requires greater patient engagement and digitizing of complex documents among payers, providers, and care team members to meet the needs and preferences of consumers. During the last two years, the demand to adopt virtual care also accelerated.

Healthcare providers must embrace digital transformation to break down barriers in order to meet the demands of an evolving industry. Healthcare organizations are still facing challenges to make the shift to healthcare that is well-connected, smart, and works in real-time.

One of the best ways to solve the problem is by implementing the Salesforce Health Cloud.

Let’s understand what Salesforce Health Cloud is in detail.

What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Salesforce Health Cloud is a patient relationship system; that uses cloud technology to provide consumers with smart, connected, and personalized communication. It is an integrated solution that combines the power of cloud technology, social, and mobile technologies to create an ecosystem that allows all stakeholders including patients, payers, providers, admins, and specialists to get the information they need in real-time at any time and on any device.

Salesforce Health Cloud is designed specifically for a clinical setting using FHIR standards. It is a highly secure platform, where staff can easily access clinical and non-clinical healthcare data. It can create better and personalized healthcare journeys for consumers. It also facilitates communication on different channels and devices which improves patient relationships. It also improves health outcomes with predictive actionable insights to meet patient needs proactively with a data-driven decision that leads to better health results and consumer satisfaction.

With Salesforce Health Cloud, your organization can meet the demands of the changing healthcare industry with the following key features:

  • 1:1 customer journey
  • Care coordination
  • Custom mobile apps
  • Contact center & home health
  • Patient and member engagement
  • Utilization management
  • Patient data models
  • EHR & claim integration
  • Clinical analytics
  • Provider relationship management
  • Customized & secured patient community
  • Care provider locator
  • Salesforce shield for PHI data
  • Seamless data interoperability
  • Use AI to surface data insight

Top Benefits of Implementing Salesforce Health Cloud

There is a range of benefits of implementing Salesforce Health Cloud for different entities such as payers, providers, pharma companies, and medical device companies.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Providers

Salesforce Health Cloud provides an ability to achieve a patient-centric approach to care without eliminating the features of EHR. Providers can unlock the following benefits:

  • 360-Degree Patient’s Data – Includes up-to-the-minute details such as patient profiles, current conditions, appointment history, and care plans including clinical and patient interactions all in one place without the need of swapping screens and devices.
  • Intelligent Care Collaboration – With smarter management tools, care teams and providers can easily focus on the patients and tasks that need the most attention.
  • Personalized End to End Experience – It creates a secure patient community with drag and drop ease and connects the entire care team on any device in real-time.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Payers

With the Health Cloud, payers have a scalable digital platform that engages members in a very effective manner. Some of the key benefits it unlocks for payers are:

  • Member Care Management at Scale- Access a complete 360-degree view of member profiles to understand a members’ journey from enrollment to service, proactive risk identification, and real-time integration.
  • Personalized Member Services – Deliver more personalized interactions and proactive support through intelligent recommendations. A knowledge base that keeps agents connected with real-time information about members for faster, personalized support and case resolution.
  • Intelligent Care Management – Engage in personalized and proactive interventions with guided workflows, utilization management, and customized care plans.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Pharma Companies

Health Cloud connects the critical processes, and the teams that help pharmaceutical organization engage patients. The platform makes it possible for pharma companies to cut down the operational cost and increase positive experience along with:

  • Scale Patient Engagement Processes – Scale therapy-specific support programs to reduce operational costs and get more patients on therapy faster.
  • Personalize the Patient and HCP Experience – Help companies meet patients and HCPs where they are – across their preferred devices in real-time, which enables companies to personalize the patient’s needs at any given time.
  • Drive Patient Service Team Collaboration – Break down data silos with the most trusted, advanced integrations that accelerate innovation and ensure compliance.

Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Medical Device Companies

Salesforce Health Cloud helps medical device companies gain actionable insights into all business interactions and maintain across commercial, patient services, and clinical trials to deliver a consistent and personalized experience. The key business benefits of implementing in your organization are:

  • Empowering the Sales Team and Account Teams With the centralized data that matters most to standardized processes, and automated tasks, these two teams can engage with each other for providing visibility into agreement terms with real-time insights.
  • Account-based Forecasting – Forecast models by market, geography, and product line; collaboration with product, finance and sales team.
  • Drive Patient Connections Before and After Care – Build and scale patient programs to reduce operational costs and drive patient engagements.

Perficient + Salesforce Health Cloud

Perficient is the leading digital consultancy helping transform the world’s biggest brands and has years of experience helping healthcare organizations understand, implement, integrate, and see the benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud and related technologies.

Learn more about how Perficient can help solve the top challenges in healthcare with Salesforce.

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