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Integrating LinkedIn and Marketo

Integrating LinkedIn and Marketo

Integrating LinkedIn and Marketo can help seamlessly capture leads from LinkedIn and sync them automatically to Marketo to trigger marketing automations, add to a nurture campaign, or alert a sales rep.

Utilizing the integration between LinkedIn and Marketo can help you reach the professional audience you’re looking for. There are two different native Marketo LaunchPoint Services that integrate with LinkedIn: LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and LinkedIn Matched Audiences. Both pieces fall under LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager, so you’ll need to set up a Campaign Manager account.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a tool that allows you to create a form for an ad that a specified audience will receive on their LinkedIn feed. After setting up your form with the comprehensive tool that helps create the field details and custom questions you can use the form in a Campaign Manager ad that helps define an audience, retarget web visitors, design ads using different format options, and more.

Screen Shot 2022 02 10 At 4.16.18 Pm

LinkedIn Lead Gen Test Form Example

After leads submit their information in a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form, they are pushed to Marketo immediately, making the form available in the Lead Gen Form Name drop-down in a Marketo smart list filter.

Lead Gen Form Smart List

Marketo Smart List Options Using Lead Gen Forms

Note that form names won’t be visible until at least one person has submitted the form. As always it is super important to test your Lead Gen Form to ensure it is working the way you expect. After you have created and tested your Lead Gen Form, it’s time to insert it into an ad where you can define the audience with filters like job title, location, etc., or you can use LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences 

LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a set of targeting options to combine your business data with LinkedIn’s professional data. Unlike LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads, Marketo is pushing data into LinkedIn when using Matched Audiences. With Matched Audiences you can retarget people who visited a page on your website, viewed your video ad, engaged with your company page, registered for your LinkedIn event, and more. You can also upload a list of companies or contacts, integrate contacts from a third-party system and create lookalike audiences. In order to start seeing audiences take shape in Campaign Manager, you have to have permissions from your company page to collect and view that data.

Putting Them Together

A great reason to have both Matched Audiences and Lead Gen Forms set up in Marketo LaunchPoint and LinkedIn Campaign Manager is because Lead Gen Form audiences are an option within Matched Audiences that allow marketers to retarget LinkedIn members who engaged with a form. Also, by integrating your third-party system you can share that data with Matched Audiences in order to create more robust and relevant audiences.

Companies looking to target an extensive, and accurate, professional audience will benefit from using the LinkedIn and Marketo integration by quantifying cost per lead, form fill rates, and utilizing conversion rate reporting.

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