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Advice for Starting Your Career at Perficient

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce our Bright Paths graduates to Scrum, as well as facilitating Scrum Foundations and Product Owner 101 workshops for some of our new colleges hires. During that time I found myself sharing some of my advice for being successful in their careers with us. While I was focused on helping our new colleagues here at Perficient, I think most of my advice is broadly applicable.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn everything you can

A willingness to ask questions suggests the person has a growth mindset, a desire to learn more and be the best that they can be. So often people reach out to me and preface their question with “I’m sorry to bother you”. It’s never a bother. I’m thrilled to see someone wanting to learn more! The more questions you ask, the more you’ll learn. In fact, this is something look for when interviewing candidates for employment.

Fresh eyes are always helpful

New employees are likely to join a project team that’s been working together for a long time. You might think you need to try to fit in, but never underestimate what you can offer to the team. You bring new observations and fresh ideas to a team. Don’t be afraid to share them during the team’s retrospective. You may share something that the team hasn’t previously thought of that will bring about valuable change.

Get involved and build your network

There are many ways for you to get involved at Perficient and meet people with similar interests. Get involved in your business unit, an internal initiative, join the Agile Community, or one of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) like Women in Tech or Perficient’s Giving ERG. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues and to expand your knowledge.

Discover what you love and pursue it

Perficient gives you the opportunity to develop a diverse set of skills and learn about a wide variety of technologies and industries. Trying many things helps you find what you truly love. For me, it was Scrum. I took advantage of training opportunities, developed relationships with other agilists, and ultimately started the Agile Community here at Perficient. This passion and involvement led to opportunities to participate in Scrum-focused projects, provide training to our colleagues and clients, and participate in the sales process.

Take control of your career

Your manager and general manager want you to succeed – and be happy doing it. As you discover the things you love or identify things you want to try, make sure you tell them. Your manager can be on the lookout for upcoming projects or internal initiatives that align with your interests.  The key here is that communication – if you do not discuss your interests and wishes, they won’t know what to look for.

You have the opportunity to create the career you wish to have.  Be your own best advocate and you’ll end up with a job you love!

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Jennifer Rostal

Jennifer is a senior project manager at Perficient. She is a Certified Team Coach and Scrum Foundations Educator with the Scrum Alliance and the Perficient Agile Community founder. Her passion is helping customers, colleagues, and teams build their agile mindsets, relationships, and skills through coaching, training, and mentoring.

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