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Modernizing Payer and Provider Experiences with GCP

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This is the first part of a series on how the cloud is shaping healthcare. With Google Cloud Platform (GCP), our experts can help you modernize your healthcare organizations to benefit patients, payers, and providers.

Today’s healthcare organizations are grappling with mountains of data, increasing regulations, and escalating customer expectations. To add to these, healthcare organizations deal with highly sensitive personal data that needs to be protected.

Cloud is the ideal and proven solution to these industry challenges, but many organizations have been hesitant to move to the cloud because of concerns around security and compliance. These concerns are perceived and unfounded, as cloud providers have built-in security and compliance rules to protect data.

Whether you need to modernize with public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid solution, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can unlock, integrate, and protect healthcare data and make it available to help organizations:

  • Understand individual health consumers and predict trends
  • Deliver better outcomes
  • Reduce the cost of care
  • Improve the entire consumer experience

Cloud Can Help Improve the Payer and Provider Experience

Healthcare data is growing at an exponential rate. Modern data analytics in the cloud can help payers and providers make the most of their data to intelligently manage the health of entire populations, improve the quality of care, increase financial efficiency and operational effectiveness, conduct innovative research, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

The cloud enables payers to:

  • Protect patient health information (PHI)
  • Influence provider and member benefits
  • Improve patient access to insurance data via member portals

Likewise, the cloud enables providers to:

  • Access patient data from any device (laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Enable collaboration and communication across care teams
  • Improve patient access to their own healthcare data via patient portals

A Look at How the Cloud is Changing Healthcare

With the cloud, payers and providers alike are able to reach their members and patients whenever and wherever they are. For example, a patient goes to her primary care doctor for a routine checkup. Blood work is ordered and sent to the lab. Instead of waiting for the doctor to call with results, the patient can log in to her healthcare provider’s patient portal from her mobile phone and view her lab results.

If additional tests or appointments are needed, the patient can search for a specialist and request a referral directly from the portal. When she goes in for a follow-up, she will not have to go through her entire health history or bring her lab results because the specialist can access her patient records from the healthcare organization’s provider-facing portal. This allows providers to meet their patients where they are in their healthcare journey.

Perficient + Healthcare

We’re a Google Premier Partner with more than 20 years of cross-industry experience in end-to-end digital transformations. We combine our expertise with GCP technology to provide solutions focused on customer experience and quality of patient care.

To date, we’ve helped 90% of the largest healthcare systems and 100% of the largest US health insurance plans implement solutions to meet ever-increasing data needs, regulations, and customer expectations.

To learn more about how the cloud is accelerating healthcare, download our guide.

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