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Personalizing Groups of Content in Episerver

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Episerver’s Personalization feature provides a way for content authors and marketers to provide personalized experiences on their website. Visitors can be assigned to groups through the use of special criteria, and marketers can deliver targeted content to users based on their visitor group. It’s a great feature that invites marketers and authors to deliver unique and fresh experiences to various types of site visitors. It’s also a great way to show site visitors that they are more than a single click and metric. Personalized content shows your customers that you are paying attention to their interests and needs.

Out of the box, Episerver provides this functionality through the ContentArea property type. Personalization Groups within the ContentArea provide a way to designate individual content items to display for targeted Visitor Groups. Authors can even designate a default item to display if a site visitor is not yet qualified into a specific group. Sometimes, however, authors and marketers want to display more than one personalized piece of content for a group. There are a couple techniques to accomplish this, and my latest blog post discusses them.

If you’re looking for a way to tailor the experience for your site visitors beyond a single piece of content, check out my article ContentArea with Groups of Personalized Content.

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