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Episerver to Optimizely: When It All Comes Together


Rarely does a company get the chance to do a lot of things well. Specialization is often the path to excellence. But at Perficient, we have a different story to tell – and we’ve been recognized by one of our most important partners for it.

A New Episerver Emerges

Just this week, Episerver announced a rebrand and a new focus. The company will now be known as Optimizely, and that change reflects a shift in focus for the company. Launching the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform DXP unlocks the digital potential of companies around the world. From the announcement:

This new offering combines targeting, testing and recommendations – bringing together the leading solutions from Optimizely Web and Episerver Content Recommendations. Partners like Perficient, Rightpoint and Kin + Carta across the globe are expanding their practices to offer optimization.

The past year has brought about a lot of change, and that’s particularly true of Episerver. Just as we wrapped up 2019, Episerver was celebrating the acquisition of Insite and its flagship B2B commerce platform, InsiteCommerce. As a longtime Insite and Episerver partner, this news was particularly exciting to our commerce and content management experts.

Roughly ten months later, Episerver announced yet another acquisition. This time, it was that of Optimizely, a software company rooted in optimization and testing to improve digital experiences. And once again, as a partner using Optimizely to help our customers achieve a successful ROI, our collective teams at Perficient were thrilled by this news.

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What Does This Mean for Perficient?

We are one of the few digital consultancies in the world that has expertise in all three areas of focus: CMS, Commerce, and Optimization. With that expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help Optimizely and its customers combine the content cloud, the B2B commerce cloud, and robust conversion optimization for an unmatched digital experience.

Bringing this expertise together for our customers is an extraordinary feat that delivers immediate bottom-line results. Alex Harris, Digital Marketing Consultant at Perficient, said “Until a site converts well, your organization can’t afford to waste your money pouring more traffic into a leaky funnel. An investment in expert Conversion Rate Optimization consulting helps to stop the leaks that sabotage the ROI of your paid ad campaigns, content marketing, and SEO efforts. And when we add Perficient’s deep CX experience along with the long history of another Optimizely acquisition, Insite, it’s a 1-2-3 punch that simply can’t be beaten.”

When it all comes together, breadth and depth deliver the kind of transformations customers are looking for. At Perficient, we can bring that every day – and we’re proud to be recognized by Optimizely as a partner of choice as they launch their new strategy.

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