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Life at Perficient

Perficient Celebrates Women in Technology

Perficient Women In Tech 2

In celebration of International Women’s Day, fifteen women share why they love working in the technology industry at Perficient and advice they would give others.


Our team had a great time at the Chicago Women in Tech Conference!

Perficient is a Top Job for Women in Technology

“For me, taking a day from the normal client/project work for personal development and inspiration is a great way to recharge and make sure I’m putting my best self forward every day with my team and client.” — Shannon Geraci, Senior Solutions Architect

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“At Perficient, the focus is on equality. I am respected for the output of my work and the value I bring to the team, just like everyone else. I am also thankful that I have a community of colleagues (both male and female) who share the same beliefs and have created an environment we can all learn from each other and thrive in, together.” — Marisa Lather, Corporate Marketing

“I appreciate that everyone at Perficient is very supportive of our Women in Tech Group. We have a great community of women and their supporters who are making sure that we are doing everything we can to close the gender gap and support each other.” — Elisha Goldman, Project Manager and leader of Perficient’s Women in Tech Group

Kelley Wit Jobs

Kelley Farrell shows us that she is truly the definition of integrity. (We agree!)

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“In June of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It, of course, came as a shock. Amidst my treatment, I was promoted, which in hindsight was a blessing because it kept my mind occupied. The silver lining of the diagnosis was the outpouring of love that I received from family, friends and colleagues. [I’ve grown from] the amazing support that I get. I don’t know that I ever felt it anywhere else, but here, everyone listens to you and values your opinion. The value and respect is there even if your way is different than the way they were thinking of doing something. The immense support that I’ve had is simply incredible.” — Lynn Brading, Alliance Director See more of Lynn’s career growth story

State Of Search Team Dallas

Stephanie Gallina and Erin Moloney represent Perficient at the State of Search Conference.

“I think one of the most fun things about working at Perficient is the access to the talent. I can talk to a customer about whatever the business problem is, and then I can go into Perficient and put the right dream team together to solve the problem. I absolutely love that.” — Joy Kuhl, Account Developer See more of Joy’s interview

“I feel valued and empowered as a woman at Perficient. I see so many inspiring ladies in exciting roles! This gives me confidence in my own career growth; it challenges me to set my sights higher than I knew I could! I’m so grateful to have women like Christine Galas, Cathie Meyers, and Stacy Beine, who give me guidance within my department (Corporate HR). Tanya Stewart, our Talent Acquisition Manager, is wonderful at her job and shows us ambition doesn’t just happen between 8-5! I’m inspired daily by Marisa Lather, who not only represents Perficient with enthusiasm, but serves our community as an ambassador and board member on different organizations. I see such ambition and creativity in these women. They have shown me that I can have it all: I can onboard our newest employees, write for the company blog, use my pre-Perficient life to continue to help others, and co-lead Perficient’s Fitness Committee.  The women of Perficient lead with grace, wisdom, and style, and I have seen what an incredible impact they have. I feel grateful to be among them!” — Laura Kenny, Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Laura Kenney Jaida Blair Women Of Perficient

Jaida Blair and Laura Kenny keep Perficient colleagues both happy and healthy!

BONUS: Perficient is dedicated to facilitating professional education for women

“Be honest about your experience and if you don’t meet the exact qualifications, show you’re willing and eager to learn. If this is a role you really want, then go for it! If you are really excited about this role, you need to project that, especially over the phone.” — Tanya Stewart, Talent Acquisition Manager See more of Tanya’s advice for working with a recruiter

Tanya Perficient Best Tech Jobs For Women

Tanya Stewart tells-all in a powerful interview about behind-the-scenes of recruiting life.

“The cooperation between colleagues that I’ve experienced here has been extraordinary. . . This teamwork makes me proud to work for Perficient and exemplifies our commitment to doing what’s best for our clients.” — Tanya Prater, Account Developer See why colleagues value collaboration at Perficient

st louis blues

Perficient is proud to partner with the St. Louis Blues — two lucky Perficient colleagues even got to meet Stanley!

“I actually think the biggest thing you could do is just be open to change. In our industry, change is happening all the time. If I look back two years or five years from today, what I did and what I sold is very different than what I’m doing today. If you get stuck in your ways or if you’re unwilling to make that change, you’re not going to grow and you’re not going to go move forward. I think the biggest piece is really being open to change and embracing it. My advice is to take more risks. Don’t get comfortable in what you’re doing. Do embrace that change and make that leap of faith. Just go for it! Things may work great and you may fail, and that’s okay.” — Kim Wilkinson, Portfolio Specialists See how Kim navigated an acquisition to career success

Best Jobs For Women In Tech At Perficient (1)

Everyday, colleagues at Perficient bring together different skills to create a little bit of magic.

“Never be afraid to ask. You do yourself and the company a disservice when you don’t take full advantage of all the nice, knowledgeable people that work here. Although I just recently started, I haven’t met anyone that discouraged me from any “dumb” (no such thing) questions. Plus, the more you ask around and learn from your coworkers, the more you will realize there is a specific place for everyone here if you just try to find it.” — Kiley Herndon, Marketing Coordinator See why communication is critical at Perficient

“I’m from a small town, where there’s not a lot of culture, so I have loved getting to know these people. I bring my computer to the break room just to talk and learn from them. I feel very lucky.” — Natalie Lopez, Office Administrator See more of Natalie’s fun at work

20 Perficient Prom Ldc

Natalie Lopez, center, joins her other colleagues in Lafayette for the first Perficient Prom!

“Be ready for anything! With that said, be an active listener, ask questions, engage with every colleague you meet, take notes, schedule a regular check-in meeting with your supervisor (ask for feedback) and lay out a plan of short term milestones to achieve in your first 30-60-90 days.  Most of all be present with your positive attitude and have fun learning the ropes.” — Frances Christensen, HR Manager See more advice colleagues offer to new employees


Cheers to Kate Coen for growing her career at Perficient!

“I have grown considerably since beginning my career at Perficient. It only makes sense that as we change and grow, our Enneagram scores fluctuate with us.” — Aimee Hagnauer, Associate Marketing Coordinator See our Perficient Enneagram experience

Annabelle Knef And Aimee Hagnauer

Annabelle Knef And Aimee Hagnauer help keep our website and blogs in tip-top shape. Did you know you can sign up for a Perficient blog weekly digest?

“I love getting involved with mentorship opportunities. I was hooked on the idea of helping, in whatever capacity I could, to build up younger generations. It is also empowering to see young girls grow in STEM skills, so being a part of facilitating that growth was a really cool idea. It was also fun to do this as a group of colleagues. I think it helped us be more authentic with one another as just ‘people here to help.’” — Tori O’Sullivan, Associate Business Consultant See more of the volunteering experience

Best Jobs For Women In Tech At Perficient Volunteering In The Community

Perficient colleagues volunteer with their teams at places like Pintler Pets animal shelter (left), picking up trash on the highway (center), and building houses at Habitat for Humanity (right).

“This is important for Perficient to be a part of because we are in the business of creating memorable experiences, lasting connections, and cultivating collaboration. The ‘Dream Big, Build Beautiful’ mindset should extend beyond our standard scope of employment and into the greater communities we operate in. Volunteer days at Pintler Pets creates an opportunity to engage in a service with purpose, value, and impact, while building bonds and a mutual appreciation outside of the office environment that in turn facilitates improved collaboration inside the office.” ⁠ — Stephanie Hanson, Manager See more of the volunteer experiences for colleagues

Best Jobs for Women in Technology

At Perficient, we believe in equality for all. If you are a woman looking for a job in technology, we have opportunities for all job levels and to utilize technical and nontechnical skillsets. We invite you to check out our open job listings and to reach out to a Career Specialist to learn more about what it’s like to be a woman working in technology at Perficient.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page

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