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Working Together for the Win at Perficient

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Joy Kuhl, strategic account director, writes about why collaboration is key at Perficient.

I’m so proud of the people I work with at Perficient. It is the most talented, smartest pool of colleagues with whom I’ve ever worked in my professional career.

No Shortage of Know-How

I think one of the most fun things about working at Perficient is the access to the talent. I can talk to a customer about whatever the business problem is, and then I can go into Perficient and put the right dream team together to solve the problem. I absolutely love that. With any business challenge that comes my way, I can put the right team of people together to solve it.


How Everything Falls into Place

Collaboration is what it’s all about. Everything we do from sales through delivery is based on a team of talented, smart people that all come together to solve a business problem. Without collaboration, we wouldn’t win and deliver and earn the right to deliver again.


Perficient colleagues share what our core values mean to them as part of our special “We Value” series.

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Joy Kuhl, Strategic Account Director, Healthcare

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