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A Perficient Prom to Remember

Ldc Mardi Gras

When it comes to throwing a party, the Perficient colleagues in Lafayette are known for not holding back. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the team pulled together the most epic Valentine’s celebration in the history of Perficient with homemade candygrams, “Valentine” messages of encouragement and gratitude, and even prom! 

20 Perficient Prom Ldc Girls (1)

The fabulous ladies of the Perficient Prom bring the sparkle!

20 Perficient Prom Ldc (boys 1)

These jazzy gentlemen know how to make any part fun!

When the idea originally came about, everyone got excited and immediately went into action. Those who knew what prom was were excited to share the American tradition with their colleagues. Because some people don’t have prom in their home countries (or didn’t go to their own), they were excited to experience it, including our very own “prom queen” who was excited to take home the crown!

Events like this are an important part of the Perficient local culture. Each office, just like each individual colleague, has a special functions or skills, interesting backgrounds, and a unique culture that add up to make Perficient the company it is today. And employees appreciate this fact. Natalie Lopez, office administrator, shares, “I’m from a small town, where there’s not a lot of culture, so I have loved getting to know these people. I bring my computer to the break room just to talk and learn from them. I feel very lucky.”

Ldc Mardi Gras

Between Valentine’s Day Prom and Mardi Gras, there were no shortages of celebration in Lafayette this February!

The hour and half long experience included a prom king and queen, punch, cheesy posed prom pictures, and of course, dancing. This was one of the most social events the Lafayette Delivery Center has held, crediting the mass participation to something that was easy for everyone to get behind. 

Natalie points out an important fact about creating social opportunities for Perficient employees. “Most people in this field can be introverted or used to working by themselves at a desk all day. People liked prom because you didn’t need to be interested in anything specific to join. We do all sorts of activities to appeal to all our backgrounds, but people like this because anyone can wear a dress shirt and show up in the break room at four o’clock!”

20 Perficient Prom 10

All hail the Perficient Prom Queen and King!

20 Perficient Prom 12

Colleagues strike a pose at the homemade photo booth.

Candy Grams

Everyone gets a candygram at Perficient!

Ldc Valentines

Colleagues decorated the front office desk with encouraging messages. What would your message say?

20 Perficient Prom 3

Awkward prom pose or rad group of people? (We’re going with the second option…)

What do you think of the Perficient Prom? Let us know if you were a wallflower or a dancing machine in the comments below!

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