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Six Trends Moving the Needle in Customer Care: Analytics

Consumers are digitally savvy, well informed, and more demanding than ever. Not investing in resources that digitally transform customer care will become a competitive disadvantage.

This series explores six technology trends for delivering smarter and more strategic customer care.

Trend #1: Analytics Help You Anticipate Customer Needs

Data and analytics go hand in hand to improving customers’ outcomes, streamlining operations, and optimizing marketing campaigns, among other things.

The Digital Essentials, Part 3
The Digital Essentials, Part 3

Developing a robust digital strategy is both a challenge and an opportunity. Part 3 of the Digital Essentials series explores five of the essential technology-driven experiences customers expect, which you may be missing or not fully utilizing.

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Predictive analytics makes it possible to apply past solutions to upcoming problems in new ways by leveraging AI and machine learning to interpret your valuable data.

Take a call center for example. A variety of of predictive analytics can help improve key performance indicators (KPIs) such as average wait times, customer satisfaction, and call completion rates. These analytics tools include:

  • Speech Analytics allows you to improve communication by analyzing recorded calls.
  • Text Analytics lets you review and monitor messages sent both to and from customers via social media or any other text messaging platform.
  • Self-Service Analytics enables users to input their own information (e.g. phone number, age, etc.) into your database.
  • Cross-Channel Analytics looks not only at which channels are driving customers to you but from a customer care perspective, looks to allow data to be accessed across channels.
  • Augmented Analytics automates insights using machine learning and natural-language generation, which according to Gartner, marks the next wave of disruption in the data and analytics market.

It’s one thing to collect the data, but it’s another to apply the feedback. With the insight you gain from predictive analytics, you will be able to make informed, strategic decisions for your company and customers.

Don’t let customer feedback go into a black hole.

Learn more in our guideĀ Top Technology Trends for Smarter, Strategic Customer Care and take a look back atĀ previously posted trends.

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  1. Analytics are vital to every business and the data does have a wide range of uses. Overall, it can help improve customer service and help insure that customers get exactly what they want and need.

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