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Why Integrity Comes First, No Matter What

Our Perficient colleagues share how they live and breathe our core values. Here, Michelle Wilkins, Immigration Specialist, writes about how each of Perficient’s values come into play in the immigration department, but none so much as integrity.

With my background in human resources, my passion for doing what I do comes from my love of helping people. I love what I do – from helping the many colleagues that we serve to educating others on immigration processes.

Forthright and Ethical, Always

Integrity is the most important value to our team. We are signing our names to government documents and must provide all information to the best of our ability, no matter what. We are a small team with a big responsibility. With many of our colleagues on work visas, if a work visa is denied or not filed in a timely manner, it can have a huge impact on our projects and to Perficient’s bottom line.

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Get Informed

In order to stay successful, we work together on our team, sharing best practices and collaborating when possible. We always say that immigration is a moving target and we are chasing the bulls-eye. Its important for us to be innovative and creative when the government changes how they adjudicate petitions. What worked last month may not work this month.

Championing Great People

You don’t have a successful business without happy people. We know that filing a petition can be stressful, so we spend a lot of time easing the minds of our colleagues and making sure they are involved as much as they can be. We work to ensure these employees not only have positive professional work experiences but are kept informed as much as possible. We have an extensive internal website where we post any news that may impact their status, contact information, forms they may need access to, and much more. Our team stands ready to provide advice on immigration and visa related matters so that our employees can do what they do best.


Perficient colleagues share what our core values mean to them as part of our special “We Value” series.

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