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How To Find Your Missing Salesforce Views on Mobile Devices

Go Totally Mobile on Salesforce – Well, Almost

It might seem like a dream come true to have a deployed support team in the field, armed with iPad in hand, ready to service all those cases rolling in. But, without the laptop, those truly mobile professionals just might not see what they should be seeing in the Salesforce mobile platform.

“What Happened to the View?”

Recently, on a Salesforce Service Cloud rollout for a major client, we knew those district managers were the boots on the ground, armed with iPad in hand to view cases, resolve them quickly and to close them so certain SLAs (service level agreements) were not violated. Each of the district managers wanted their own view created that only showed cases marked with their email address. Seemed easy enough.

So, I, the Sr. Solution Architect assigned to the project, went to work, quickly creating a nice view and adding a filter to include only their cases. Proud of my work, I notified the client engagement manager that the views were completed and were now accessible to the mobile users. The client engagement manager notified the district managers that their unique view was ready to be seen. And then we waited, the due praise and accolades should come pouring in any moment.

That feeling when you do a great job…

Within the hour we started getting complaints that the views were simply not there. I checked them all, they were completely public, no restrictions. I spent an hour troubleshooting the issue. Then one of the district managers said they could see theirs no problem. I searched Salesforce help, no luck on a solution.

Or so you thought.

Things just didn’t make sense; district managers shared the same profile and I could see all the views as an admin. I logged in as one of the district managers and could see the view perfectly fine. I spent the day trying to figure out why one district manager could see a view and another could not on Salesforce mobile.

It might feel like there is no solution in sight, but we know when to keep going.

Two days later, through trial and error and hints from an obscure post from a random google search and the clouds parted and the sun began to shine down!

Here’s the skinny: When you create a new view in Salesforce and make it available for all to see, you have to do one simple thing that Salesforce doesn’t tell you to do in order for a mobile user to see that view.

You must first view that view on the laptop or desktop browser.

And then, there is light.

The Solution: How To Missing Salesforce Views on Mobile

Step 1:

Create a view and make it publicly available for your user from the desktop or laptop browser interface.

Step 2:

Have that user log in to Salesforce on the laptop or desktop and actually view that specific view you created for them from the browser.


As an Administrator, log in as that user profile on the laptop or desktop and actually view that specific view you created for them.

Step 3:

Have that user log in to Salesforce mobile and Eureka! Now that view is available to see under “Recent Views.”

The Lesson Learned about Salesforce Mobile Views

Currently there is no menu option in Salesforce mobile to simply look at all the various views that are available and then select the one you desire.

So, for all you Salesforce mobile road warriors, keep the iPad in the ready position, but don’t forget to view things first on the laptop or desktop browser. That way you can see what others might be missing from the mobile experience.

When in doubt, view it on the browser first so you can be assured you’ll see it when you go mobile.

Salesforce mobile road warriors unite!

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