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Effectively Managing Mule API Versions

I attended the MuleSoft Connect 2018 conference, the largest industry gathering focused on integration & APIs. While I was at this conference, I had the honor of presenting how to effectively manage Mule API versions and portal site in multiple environments.

Check out my presentation from the conference below:

Effectively Managing Mule API Versions and Portal Site in Multiple Environments – Connect 2018


In this presentation, learn more about Mule API, Mule API’s logical version vs. technical version, challenges with the platform, different ways to deploy an API, and much more!

This presentation also offers high quality resources such as the POM Snippet for Deployment and the API Version Naming Convention – 1.x.


With over 100 speakers and 90 sessions, the conference was certainly a success. I look forward to hopefully attending MuleSoft Connect next year!




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