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Salesforce Connect, Field Service, Lightning Migration & More

Top Salesforce News

  • What is Salesforce Connect?
  • Next-Generation Field Service Lightning Takes Customer Experiences to New Heights
  • Salesforce Lightning Migration Framework & Assessment
  • Prepare Your Team to Transform Customer Service and Deliver More Than a Smile

It’s impossible to keep up with all the developments and breaking news that surround Salesforce. Luckily, you’ve got us. Here are some of the top stories of the past week.

What is Salesforce Connect?

In the past, integration with Salesforce meant importing data into your Salesforce instance, creating a lot of custom code, or developing light integrations by dynamic links, and/or using iframes to expose back-end data. If you access data from other sources, you should know about Salesforce Connect. Having seen the power of OData and Salesforce Connect in action, Salesforce expert Matt Veal calls it a “game-changer and CRM Roadmap must. Keep reading

Next-Generation Field Service Lightning Takes Customer Experiences to New Heights

Salesforce launched Field Service Lightning two years ago to extend the world’s #1 service platform, Service Cloud, to field service — to equip mobile employees and dispatchers with all the information they need to provide customers with a connected experience that simply “wows”. Now, the next generation of Field Service Lightning is here and includes Appointment Management, Return Orders, Crew Scheduling, Guided Setup, and Pricing & Availability. Keep reading

Salesforce Lightning Migration Framework & Assessment

It’s clear to see Salesforce’s product roadmap hinges on Lightning. The challenge question for users is how and when is the right time to migrate over to Lightning? Find out what all successful Salesforce projects have in common and get a sneak peek into our Envision Framework. It will help you develop a clear Lightning migration path that accelerates time-to-value, unlocks new levels of business performance, and helps you turn Salesforce functionality into a competitive advantage. Keep reading

Blasting Through the Barriers: How Your Team Can Overcome Roadblocks to Technology Adoption

The benefits and improvements a new system will bring might be self-evident, but unless you communicate and roll out in an effective way, your team is more than likely to wonder what’s in it for them. New tech adoption doesn’t happen by itself — it needs to be planned and managed. Otherwise, huge barriers will spring up quickly. By following these few tips, leaders can blast through any roadblocks before they become insurmountable: Keep reading

Do you have a CRM Roadmap in place? What are the most impactful parts? Let us know in the comments below.

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