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Why Training Matters When It Comes To Selling In Financial Services

Properly trained employees can help keep companies regulatory-compliant, increase sales, and gain the trust of customers and prospects.

Financial services companies should have established standard operating procedures and training materials for all levels of employees, with oversight by managers. These training materials should stress the importance of ethical practices and provide employees with clear details regarding what is considered good or bad conduct. Employees can also be made aware of the detection processes and technology currently in place to prevent misconduct.

In addition, enabling employees to report violations anonymously can help root out criminal activity. Compliance training programs provided throughout the year can include role-specific courses that help ensure adherence to laws, regulations, and company guidelines.

In a new guide, we outline six ways financial services organizations can employ a strategy focused on building customer and public trust, strengthening a company’s culture, and reducing risk exposure, all while increasing sales. To read the other five ways, you can download the guide here.

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Eugene Sefanov

Director, Industry and Regional Marketing

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