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Insights from Informatica World 2017

As mentioned last week, Perficient was a proud sponsor of this year’s Informatica World conference. We met with many Informatica customers and companies evaluating the suite of products. The event was also a great opportunity to hear from other thought leaders in the areas of Big Data, MDM, and cloud.

It was clear from Informatica World 2017 that Data 3.0 is the future of data (probably the next 3 years). A quick recap of the advances in technology leading up to Data 3.0:

  • Data 1.0 – Data is captive within an individual application, such as payroll-only data.
  • Data 2.0 – Enterprise-wide and business process driven. An example would be an end-to-end supply chain system touching different business areas in the enterprise and potentially involving an enterprise data warehouse.
  • Data 3.0 – Data driving digital transformation, such as the Internet of Things.

Data 3.0 will continue to disrupt business models and drive data services providing revenue growth for companies such as Facebook and Salesforce. So what are the key data foundations of 3.0?

  • Cloud or on-premises data and workloads
  • Connected devices providing data at exploding volumes
  • New, agile data users in various levels of the organization using data for decision making
  • Intelligent data management making decisions by itself (such as AI)

The next logical question is “what’s next?” What is beyond this latest evolution in data and what does “Data 4.0” look like? My guess would be the following vision on the data landscape:

  • Artificial intelligence becoming more prevalent (i.e. self-driving cars)
  • More “automated” and connected devices orchestrating a workflow independently (i.e. a fridge that can talk to you, letting you know what is missing, and where to find the missing groceries)
  • Moving data to the cloud – Many new companies are starting with the cloud and big companies are actively initiating wide scale efforts to move to cloud

I am very excited for the future of Informatica as a platform in this evolving data landscape and I’m looking forward to working with iPaaS, MDM, and Big Data.

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