The Ultimate Retail Experience: Fluid Experiences in AEM

Imagine if retailers want to create tailored content — with images, summaries, descriptions, sizes, pricing, and technical specifications. Creating such content takes time, and further breaking it into segments for any device may require more manual processes for each channel. With fluid experiences, it will be much easier to create this kind of customized content for multiple channels.

Adobe announced a Fluid Experiences for Retail capability through its Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Fluid Experiences for Retail invites retailers to use Adobe Experience Manager to build, manage, and optimize the customer experience across multiple platforms, including in-store associate apps, social channels, physical signs, Internet of Things devices, and smart screens, by automatically editing and resizing both copy and images based on the platform. Now, the same content can be distributed as part of a campaign to landing pages, digital signage, social media apps and point-of-sale stores.

Departmental stores can utilize this feature to promote product lines on Twitter with 140 characters or less, post an appealing status on social-media marketing platforms, or send customers an email describing attracting deals. Shoppers will be able to find mobile apps, digital signs and point-of-sale stores all in sync.

With the powerful combination of Adobe Fluid Experiences, customers will be able to make every touchpoint shoppable on a device. Retailers will be able to provide differentiated digital shopping experiences to win sales in today’s market. This industry standard automation feature helps retailers manage customer interactions across multiple channels.

Fluid Experiences for Retail is currently in beta and will be available in future releases of AEM.

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