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Expenses Flow to Payables: Fusion iExpenses

The Oracle Internet Expenses application has quickly become one of the most intuitive products in the Financials suite. Not only have I previously discussed how simple it is to use the mobile app or how simple it is to create an expense report in the instance, but the seamless flow to Payables is definitely worth mentioning as well.

After supervisors and auditors have completed the approval process for expense reports, the transition from Expenses to Payables is as easy as the click of a button. The user, typically an Expense Auditor, that is submitting the process does so via the link called Process Expense Reimbursements and Cash Advances in the Expenses Work Area. Once the Expense Auditor submits this process, this then sends a payment request for the cash advance payment to Oracle Fusion Payables which, in turn, sends a payment process request to Oracle Fusion Payments. The cash advance clearing account is charged for the cash advances and a payment process request can be ran specifically for Expenses, if the AP user desires for quicker processing.

Cash Advance setup can be simple or it can be detailed, depending on the Administrator or Business’ requirements, which is another topic I will cover in the weeks to come. Until then, you can do a little research and read more about how simple the entire process really is, from creating expense reports to applying payments or cash advances. Release 11 looks much cleaner than the previous Release 10, so hopefully you can find a quick demo that shows this. Happy hunting!

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