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Workaround for AR Transactions LOV Missing

In regard to the example I gave of AR transactions not functioning in last week’s blog, there is a simple fix. This is not something that my team discovered on Oracle Support or through Google, but it’s something that was discovered when looking at roles. The AR roles on the role template for the “Receivables Template for SetID” will show all roles as invalid due to the same naming convention being used for the BU and DAS. It is not recommended by Oracle to make the name change of the DAS or BU after either has been configured, so instead, try this workaround.

The role name Supplier Accounts Receivable Specialist should be added to the AR users in OIM, then should be authorized to the user in the “Manage Data Access for Users” task in FSM. Please note that this is only necessary when the Data Access Set and Business Unit have the same name. This is not a necessary step otherwise.

To complete this step of adding the Data Access Set to the user ID, simply use the following parameters:

Select the User Name, Role (Supplier Accounts Receivable Specialist), Security Context as Data access set, and the Security Context Value (choose the data access set). This gives the user access to the data access set that was previously inaccessible.

I know this step doesn’t seem to be a valid solution, but this has worked for two of our previous clients. Hopefully no team or client has to worry about this issue, but if you do, it may aid in the resolution process.

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