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Transform the Patient Experience in a Digital Era with Sitecore

Digital is changing industries, and an engaging and compelling digital experience is now a must in healthcare. The web is one of the most powerful tools available to connect with current and future patients, but even beyond this, it’s critical for organizations to engage with patients and members through a cohesive, multi-channel, and personalized experience.
As patients and members begin to act as their own advocates, they spend more time researching online. According to a recent Pew Internet and American Life Project study, more than 80% of Internet users went online for health-related information. As patients and members continue to act as their own advocates, the ability to deliver a consistent brand experience and quickly connect people with healthcare insights has never been more important.
With patients being more empowered than ever before, and the digital landscape being increasingly complex, planning to transform the patient and member journey can be daunting. Join Perficient and Sitecore on Wednesday, November 4 for the webinar, Transform the Patient and Member Journey with a Connected Health Experience, and learn how to use data to get the right digital strategy for positioning, journey map, and convert prospective patients and members.
During the session, see how to:

  • Use digital resources to better understand members, create fulfilling customer experiences and develop long-term relationships
  • Personalize the healthcare experience to deliver relevant, timely content that builds awareness and increases loyalty
  • Address the challenges of “healthcare everywhere” and meet the demands of digital delivery
  • Ensure your digital strategy shows patients you are relevant, useful, educational, trusted, and accessible

We’ll also share how the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ can help better manage your member relationships, making certain those consumers are happy, healthy, and satisfied. With Sitecore, you can overcome current challenges and limitations and own every member experience: from finding a new doctor or scheduling an appointment to researching a medical condition online.
Register now to attend the live session or to receive the on-demand version following the live event.

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Taylor Rhyne

I work closely with our content management practices and partners at Perficient to lead marketing efforts designed to increase awareness and impact pipeline. I have experience in a variety of industries and have spent the last decade creating multi-faceted campaigns, working to integrate various channels into the plan and maximize effectiveness.

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