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Engage With Patients And Physicians Through Sitecore



Let’s face it: The web is one of the most powerful tools available to life sciences companies for connecting with patients and physicians. The more empowered patients become to act as their own advocate, the more they search the web for information. The busier physicians become, the less time they have for pharmaceutical reps, so the more time they spend researching treatments on their own. 

An engaging and compelling digital experience is paramount in our industry. I don’t just mean cool interactive features (even though they help!). I mean really clear, useful, fresh – and compliant – content. This kind of content calls for a lot of hands on deck; content contributors and reviewers can come from all over the company and, depending on the size of the company, can number in the hundreds or even thousands.

How can you effectively manage your digital presence with so many people involved? According to a recent report from Forrester Research, one of the best answers out there is the Sitecore web content management (WCM) platform.

The Sitecore WCM platform is a single solution for managing your organization’s entire digital experience, whether it’s your external website, employee Intranet, patient portal, or any other personalized marketing message you want to get across.

Sitecore functionality is rich in customizable content permissions and workflow features, which make it especially helpful for managing the constant influx of content without overburdening the team(s) responsible for the digital experience. Sitecore administrators can give content contributors access to certain areas of the system and allow them to publish content with or without an approval workflow, depending on how the system is configured.

When giving more users the ability to work directly with your WCM platform, ease-of-use is critical, and more often than not, a requirement for most companies. The bottom line is this: If you can use Windows, you can use Sitecore. There’s no question about it. Its familiar structure makes navigating, creating, uploading, scheduling, and posting content a cinch.

In a day and age in which we’re expected to produce web and digital content by the minute to stay relevant and top-of-mind, it’s critical to leverage solutions that are simple to use, yet flexible and scalable. And that’s just one area where Sitecore succeeds.

If you’re a life sciences company looking to better engage with your constituents, patients, healthcare professionals or simply the general public, let us know. We’d be happy to discuss Sitecore as a possible solution for your needs.

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Marin Richeson

Marin joined the life sciences industry in 2001. Over the course of her tenure, she has held roles in clinical finance, IT, quality assurance, and validation. The diversity of her experience provides her with a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of this complex, multi-faceted industry. Marin Richeson is a lead business consultant in Perficient's life sciences practice.

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