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Consumers are more open to sharing some data about themselves

Here in the U.S. we take privacy seriously and often go to great lengths to avoid asking customers for personal information. It appears that global consumers are more open to sharing personal information about themselves than maybe what everyone assumes. Sandy Carter recently posted on her blog Social Media to Social Business about an interesting study  IBM recently conducted on this topic.  Global sharing trends

According to the study, 75% of consumers are willing to share data about their media usage and demographics.  60% are even willing to share lifestyle and location data.    In the image shown here, it is important to note that these numbers hold true when consumers perceive there is a benefit to sharing that information.

Its not clear what benefit a consumer would want in exchange for sharing personal information, but having a personalized experience may be something worthwhile.

As we look to personalize content more and more, this is good news. You can use this survey data to justify asking your web customers for additional personal data.

But you better make it clear how they will benefit.  If you fail to complete this two-way implicit transaction, customers will stop providing you with their data and business.

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