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MarshfieldClinic.Org: Beautiful, Fully Responsive SharePoint 2013

Want to see just how beautiful a SharePoint 2013 website can look?
Want to see such a beautiful website that’s functional too?
If you’re like me, your answers are “yes” and “yes”, so I’d strongly suggest you surf on over to on your PC, Mac, phone or tablet.  For a real kick, try it on an iPad.  This website is built to provide a truly best-in-class experience across all device platforms, and is living proof of just how much you can do with SharePoint 2013 as your platform.
This fully responsive website for the Wisconsin-based Clinic was designed and developed in tandem with the client by Perficient’s Microsoft Business Unit and our colleagues in Perficient’s “XD” (Experience Design) team. is touch-friendly, scrolls like a charm, and for my money looks better than anything I’ve ever seen on SharePoint.  It’s a testament to the power of teamwork, the union of a modern platform like SharePoint 2013 with responsive design, and the need of Healthcare providers to facilitate outreach to an increasingly tech-savvy patient populace.
As a Wisconsinite, too, I can’t help but point out that this site was built for an organization in my home state and the project involved a number of Wisconsin-based consultants.
Congratulations to Marshfield Clinic and to the entire Perficient project team for going live with this gorgeous fusion of design and functionality.
Welcome to 2013, SharePoint world.  Welcome to 2013, fellow Wisconsinites (and everyone else out there).  Let us know if you need a website.

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Rich Wood

Rich Wood has been planning, designing and building enterprise solutions and internet sites with an emphasis on stellar user and customer experiences since 1997. Rich is a National Director for Content and Commerce Platform work in Perficient Digital. One of the rare breed of strategists to truly understand both the business needs of the customer and the platforms that serve them, he is a keen advocate for and accomplished speaker/writer on issues that surround that inflection point. His work has been published on CMSWire, Sitecore and Microsoft partner blogs, and his own LinkedIn page as well as our various blogs here at Perficient, and he has spoken at multiple major conferences including Microsoft's SharePoint Conference 2014. Married and a father of five, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He is a native of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a graduate of Marquette University.

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