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Rich Wood has been planning, designing and building enterprise solutions and internet sites with an emphasis on stellar user and customer experiences since 1997. Rich is a National Director for Content and Commerce Platform work in Perficient Digital. One of the rare breed of strategists to truly understand both the business needs of the customer and the platforms that serve them, he is a keen advocate for and accomplished speaker/writer on issues that surround that inflection point. His work has been published on CMSWire, Sitecore and Microsoft partner blogs, and his own LinkedIn page as well as our various blogs here at Perficient, and he has spoken at multiple major conferences including Microsoft's SharePoint Conference 2014. Married and a father of five, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He is a native of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a graduate of Marquette University.

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Facebook at Work is a Game-Changer, Folks

In the world of enterprise social networks, Facebook’s somewhat stealthy new offering has the potential to be a real game-changer.  According to TechCrunch, the product, known simply as “Facebook at Work”, is slowly building up a long waiting list of interested corporate customers. Of course it is.  And why wouldn’t it?  Most everyone these days […]

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Building Your SharePoint Intranet Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Perficient has today acquired Blue Rooster’s Rise Foundation product, a “UX as a Service” application for SharePoint (Online and On-Premises alike) that is basically a just-add-water intranet solution. The beautifully branded user interface, streamlined social and publishing features, and fully responsive design framework in the Rise Foundation package give organizations the ability to turn SharePoint […]

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How Mobile Apps Can Replace Your Intranet

Mobile is one sticky form factor.  So sticky that many states are finding it necessary to legislate people out of using their phones while driving.  In other words, the mobile experience is so compelling that some people literally won’t put down their phones unless you make using them illegal. Meanwhile, intranets have traditionally struggled with […]

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How (Microsoft) Mobile Apps Could Kill The Corporate Intranet

In my latest post over at CMSWire, I’ve outlined a (very plausible) scenario whereby the groundswell of user preference for mobile form factors could– and perhaps, should– spell doom for the concept of the enterprise intranet.  This is “digital transformation” writ large for employee productivity. Sound a bit loony, coming from someone who loves to […]

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Dream Team 2014: Connecting Salesforce and SharePoint

By now, it’s old news that Salesforce is connecting to files stored in Microsoft’s SharePoint Online service, the portals-and-collaboration piece of Office 365.  The official announcement may have been made this morning, but it hit the channel months ago and was unveiled with much fanfare when  it was previewed at Dreamforce 2014 this fall.  Since then, our Perficient team […]

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Could Yammer Supplant Your Intranet?

We see a lot of scenarios where clients are moving their intranets successfully to the Office 365 cloud with SharePoint Online.  This is the easiest, smoothest path to an social intranet on the Microsoft platform, due largely to the ever-closer relationship between Yammer and the rest of the services in Office 365. That said,there are […]

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Enterprise Social and its Three Most Dangerous Myths

Enterprise social.  It’s not the greatest thing since sliced bread (The Beatles, frozen custard and computer-generated animation all make stronger cases for that title) but lately it seems like it’s close.  That said, for all of its growing popularity, our experience tells us that a good deal of what people believe about social networks– and how to […]

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Roundup: Enterprise Social ROI, External Governance in Yammer

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the office.  Besides hopping from LA to NYC to Chicago to work with various and sundry eye-catching clients, we’ve been turning out essays on a couple of hot topics: ROI (Return On Investment) as provided by Enterprise Social Networks Governance in Yammer, specifically External Networks In […]

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The Cloud Don’t Care About Your Grammar Police, Y’all

I’ve been seeing a lot of hubbub lately around the proper phrasing for applications an organization hosts itself– in other words, anything that isn’t in the cloud.  People are cringing when the phrase “on-premise” is used in lieu of the grammatically correct “on-premises”.  I’ve seen self-appointed grammar police weigh in from any number of directions– […]

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Yammer External Networks – Your Extranet Made Social

After meeting them at SharePoint Conference 2014, I recently accepted an invitation from ViewDo Labs to publish the occasional musing on their enterprise social blog. ViewDo is a company formed by the former Axceler braintrust to focus on enterprise social analytics, and they have a great and growing product already out there for Yammer. This […]

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Microsoft’s Roadmap for Social: Detailed Analysis from SPC14

“Work like a network.”  Spend just a few minutes at SharePoint Conference 2014 and you’re bound to hear or see this phrase sooner than later. It’s here in the keynote and it’s here in the signage.  It’s here on the lips of the Yammer and Social product marketing people I had the good fortune to […]

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SharePoint Conference 2014 – Rocket Fuel for a SharePoint Career!

I’ve been going to SharePoint Conference since the 2009 iteration,  but I’ve never been so excited for an SPC as I am for this year’s version!  SPC 2014 has a lot to recommend it for anyone– from roadmap news on Yammer and Social, to a renewed content focus for on-premise and hybrid architectures, to the […]

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Will the real SharePoint Influencers please stand up?

Last week, an initial field of one-hundred was published by Scratch Media for’s “Top 25 SharePoint Influencers”.  Since my team and I are regularly asked to consult with some of the world’s most successful organizations on the what, why and how of their SharePoint use, I thought it might be fun to share my […]

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The Art of Delegation: The new Office 365 Partner Admin Center

So you say you’re moving to Office 365 / SharePoint Online with the help of a leading technology partner, and you’d like that partner to help you manage the platform going forward? Look no further, says Microsoft– the Office 365 Partner Admin Center is here! According to the official Office 365 Technology Blog: The new […]

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Yammer = Extranet 2.0 : SharePoint Conference 2014 and CMSWire

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how a little-known feature of Yammer is poised to change the face of the Extranet workload as we know it.  The External Network isn’t new, and it’s not a separate product– it’s simply another way to use Yammer, but this time with people outside of your organization. We traditionally […]

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Yammer: Go Ahead, Trust Users Over 30

There is a common perception that age is a defining factor in how enterprise users adjust to, and engage with, enterprise social networking tools.   The problem, so the folk wisdom goes, is that older users are slower to adopt newer, “cutting edge” software (translation: consumer-like UI and functionality) because they are averse to change (translation: […]

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New Online Tutorials for SharePoint 2013 Developers!

There’s really nothing quite like being part of a top national systems integrator.  I’ve found that one of the coolest, most rewarding aspects of this job is working with so many bright, talented people from all across the country.  The sheer breadth and scope of the expertise brought to bear by the ladies and gentlemen […]

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Content by Search Now Available in Office 365 SharePoint Online!

Intranets in SharePoint Online just got a lot more powerful. Hot off the presses from the SharePoint Blog, the Content (by) Search Web Part is now available in Office 365 SharePoint Online. This is a major announcement for those looking to do intranets on SP Online, because this web part allows you to easily deliver […]

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Yammer and Office vs. “SharePoint for End-Users” on CMSWire

Long before Microsoft acquired Yammer, I was impressed with the usability of the latter enterprise social tool.  Granted, they looked (and still look) more or less like Facebook, but that sort of stealing is brilliant stealing.  After all, these days pretty much everyone uses Facebook, so when new users log into Yammer for the first time, […]

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The fast and easy way to get your on-premise users into Yammer!

Does your company have a freemium Yammer environment that pre-dates your latest Enterprise Agreement?  Do you want to have the same set of users in Yammer as you do in your on-premise Active Directory?  Wonder no longer, dear readers. We now have some recommended reading for anyone who finds themselves trying to rationalize a pre-existing […]

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