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Next 4 Releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

After reading many blogs and postings from the eXtremeCRM 2013 in Rome (a Partner CRM event), it appears more details are now available about upcoming releases for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CRM) for 2013. The road ahead looks very interesting and promising for CRM. It continues to have similar themes around social, mobile, and anywhere/anytime. Also it looks like a lot of time will be spent on getting everything over to the new “Modern” look and feel. For more details on the look and feel, take a look at my Modern blog post from a little while back. In the meantime, take a look at what is coming and let me know your thoughts. Microsoft is working on more releases and more often so that should be exciting for everyone who truly uses the system. As you can see one release per quarter and many more details to come as we get closer to each release. More clarity around the roadmap for CRM comes each week which is great to see from Microsoft.
When: by the end of March 2013
Name: Codename Polaris (this is the last piece to be released related to the Dec 2012/Jan 2013 release)
What: iPad for Sales (online only)
When: by the end of June 2013
Name: Codename Gemini
What: Update of the Marketing module to incorporate all the powerful tools from the MarketingPilot acquisition. To include:
–          Updated/Flattened UI
–          Strategy & Planning
–          Digital Asset Management
–          Vendor Management
–          Media Planning
–          Multi-Channel Campaigns
–          Landing Pages
–          Social media
–          Budget Management
–          Marketing Segmentation
When: by the end of September 2013
Name: Codename Orion (this will be a major release for CRM and most likely something like “CRM 2013)
What: Updated UI  (flattened and modern) for the entire system both online and on-premises). This may be for the entire system or just key pieces still. iPad for CRM will be available for on-premises
When: by the end of December 2013
Name: Codename Leo
What: Updated UI for everything in CRM as we know it today. iPhone and Android support.

Thoughts on “Next 4 Releases of Microsoft Dynamics CRM”

  1. That has changed somewhat? I thought Q2 June was Orion? Then Q4 would be Leo? I see you have referenced Gemini and also an additional major release in September which is out of cycle of what has been previoulsy released. Have these deployments been confirmed by Microsoft?

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