Internal Collaboration Gets Social

Companies have always collaborated internally on projects and issues. There is a long history of technology facilitating that collaboration. First there were face-to-face meetings, and then came conference calls with remote employees or partners. Soon instant messaging, videoconferencing and webinars became available.  Today, technology has expanded collaboration capabilities in ways unheard of just a few years ago. The reason is Social.

Customers and employees now live in the age of social technologies. They expect responses in real time and with tools available like Salesforce Chatter, expectations are fulfilled.

Chatter is a real-time collaboration tool—basically an internal social network—that can tie together sales, service, marketing and every other department. You can post questions and get the answers you need quickly from experts—even people in your company you don’t know, from other locations—while allowing others on Chatter to benefit from the knowledge exchanged. You can brainstorm ideas and start discussions. You can set up private groups. Share just about anything: links, large files, documents, videos and more.

With Chatter, you can manage projects better by setting up working groups so everyone stays in the loop and has one place to go for what’s happening. Chatter users report having 27% fewer meetings—that’s music to almost any manager or employee’s ears.

With Chatter, you can loop in teams of experts instantly—from the next office or another country—to swarm on issues, get solutions fast, stay on top of cases and delight customers in new ways because they realize they are the center of your business.

Yet all of this is only the tip of what Chatter can deliver. You can use Chatter Profiles to get to know your colleagues, find and follow peers and experts to expand your network, discover new and useful information, share your expertise and increase productivity. You can approve any business process, such as sales discounts, hiring decisions and vacation requests all from within Chatter.

What about social intelligence? Chatter uses dynamic logic to recommend relevant people, groups, files, and records to follow and important groups you should join. Plus it pushes updates and news to you instantly in your feed, so you can see what’s going on right now.

Collaboration has a new meaning in today’s savvy enterprise. It’s a social environment where ideas and expertise transcend hierarchy and flow across geographies. Where employees at every level feel heard and engaged. Where you can stay tuned to the needs of your customers and serve them faster and better. It’s called Chatter.

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