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Office 365 Exchange Online Implementation & Migration Book

Late last year Packt Publishing asked fellow MVP Loryan Strant and me if we were interested in writing a book on Office 365. I’ve certainly written a few technical blogs, but never a book with this much detail. Since the topic of this book is right in our wheelhouse, we couldn’t pass it up. Integrating Office 365 and performing Exchange migrations is what we do, so it only made sense to move forward.
If you are Small Business to an Enterprise and are planning to integrate and migrate to Office 365, then this book is for you. Loryan and I approached this book in four parts. The first part covers general setup of Office 365. The second part really focuses on how to plan, prepare, and migrate a Small Business to Office 365, using various supported approaches by Microsoft. The third part covers how to plan, prepare, and setup ADFS, Directory Synchronization and Exchange Hybrid in a Mid- to Enterprise environment, followed by migrations to 365. We finally close with various cleanup and references to other helpful reading materials on Office 365.
Since Office 365 will continuously be updated over time and newer versions of Exchange will be available, I would expect that this content is updated through upcoming editions, etc. Thankfully, we were still updating the book when Small Business Server 2011 and Exchange SP2 were released. We great had an opportunity to keep this book up to date throughout the whole process. Keep your eyes open for it or pre-order it now. We expect the book to be released in late May.

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