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David Greve

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Guest MVP Post: Changing your MX record for Exchange Online

Microsoft has a blog series called MVP Mondays. I was asked to be a guest author and to write a blog about Office 365. Check out my most recent blog on changing your MX record to FOPE in an Exchange Hybrid configuration, created from Exchange 2010 SP2. This blog highlights some key changes that are […]

Office 365 Exchange Online Implementation & Migration Book

Late last year Packt Publishing asked fellow MVP Loryan Strant and me if we were interested in writing a book on Office 365. I’ve certainly written a few technical blogs, but never a book with this much detail. Since the topic of this book is right in our wheelhouse, we couldn’t pass it up. Integrating […]

Can you assign an Exchange Online license to a user before migrating them to Office 365?

I was recently asked this question by a customer, as we were starting to build out a migration process. My immediate thought was no, we need to migrate the mailbox first then assign an Exchange Online license to mailbox. The reason why this was first reaction was primarily due to BPOS. (BPOS was the version […]

Video Blog: Migration Strategies to Office 365: Part 2

During part two of this 2-part blog series, Microsoft MVP and PointBridge Professional Services Manager Dave Greve talks about the importance of communications and training within an organization migrating to Office 365. He suggests tips to minimize help desk tickets, maximize adoption early on, provide better ground support during go-live and getting users ready and […]

Video Blog: Migration Strategies to Office 365: Part 1

During part one this 2-part blog series, I talk about the importance of user experience during migration to Office 365. Microsoft offers many capabilities that ensure an optimal user experience such as Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Directory Sync and Exchange hybrid services. Additionally, I point out options for organizations with external messaging systems to […]

Global ADFS Logon Options with Office 365

Many global organizations are seeking ways to deliver authentication to their global sites, in the most optimal way.With Office 365, you have the ability to provide your end-users a single sign-on experience with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), integrating with Office 365.In order to leverage ADFS, you have to plan out your authentication strategy.The major […]

Office 365 Shared Mailboxes and an Auto-reply Rule

Office 365 supports the ability to create Shared Mailboxes, right through the UI or through PowerShell commands. The Shared Mailbox is essentially an unlicensed mailbox with no direct logon capabilities. This means you cannot open the mailbox directly, within the Outlook client. What you can do is open the mailbox with an existing licensed mailbox, […]

Access Denied on the Portal and Mailbox is inaccessible after migration to Office 365

We’ve migrated many users from an external messaging system, like Lotus Notes or GroupWise to Office 365.On one of our migrations, we ran in to an issue with a migrated user.When this user tried to logon with their AD credentials (ADFS deployed), they would constantly be prompted for their logon credentials.When we logged on to […]

Determining the best way to create shared mailboxes in Office 365, when performing a migration from Lotus Notes or GroupWise

While planning your migration to Office 365, you have a couple options when provisioning Shared Mailboxes in Office 365.Microsoft does not charge you to create Shared Mailboxes in Office 365, if you do it right.Here are your options to create Shared mailboxes. Typically, when planning a migration from a Lotus Notes or GroupWise messaging system, […]

Anxious to get on Office 365 but restricted by your BlackBerry population? Here are your options.

As many of you are aware, Office 365 will not have BlackBerry services out of the gate.BlackBerry services are expected to be available, for free, later in the year. So what are your options? Well, the quick answer is to just move all your BlackBerry devices to a device that supports ActiveSync. Realizing this is […]

MAPI limitation in a large scale Lotus Notes or GroupWise to Exchange Online migrations

As an organization we perform a variety of email migration types. Often times, even lately, we have seen quite a few Lotus Notes and GroupWise customers getting ready to migrate to Exchange Online (BPOS and Office 365.) These organizations vary from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands. When planning an Exchange Online migration, most […]

Missing breadcrumbs in Office 365 SharePoint Online

In Office 365, you are provided with a “parent” site collection that you cannot delete/ remove. Any other site collection created is considered a site collection down level (sub site collection) to the parent site collection (for the purposes of being a shared space.) Typically (if required) you would link the breadcrumbs together by creating […]

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