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Pay-for-performance and Readmissions Solutions

According to the AHRQ, there are an approximate 4.4 million preventable discharges which contribute to $30 billion in healthcare costs annually. Beginning in October 2012, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid will begin punishing hospitals by withholding reimbursements to hospitals with higher-than-average readmission rates for patients with three types of diagnoses or health issues: 1. […]

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Protecting Personal Health Information in the World of Mobile Healthcare

The push for electronic health records (EHRs) kicked into high gear in 2010 when providers spent a record breaking $88.6 billion on health IT initiatives based in adopting EHRs. While many are cheering on the movement, others are more hesitant as security concerns emerge. Price Water Cooper claims that the use of EHRs drastically increases […]

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Is your ICD-10 Impact Analysis capacity in place yet??

The conversion to ICD-10 will be of a larger scale (just from the IT perspective – not including all the retraining of medical coders and other business changes) than the Y2K conversion. With Y2K, we just had to find those 2 digit year fields and change them to 4 digits. In addition to expanding the […]

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Providing Health Information to Busy Patients

“People are not built to pay attention.” – Dr. Clifford Nass, Connected Health Symposium 2011 This priceless piece of wisdom was provided during last month’s Connected Health Symposium in Boston.  What Dr. Nass successfully communicating to symposium attendees is that while we envision a world where patients are consuming healthcare information in isolation of all […]

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Replay and Slides! ACO = HIE + Analytics: Managing Population Health

Last Thursday I spoke in a webinar entitled “ACO = HIE + Analytics: Managing Population Health with Information Exchange and Analytics”.  You can view the slides below, and you can view a full recast of the webinar here: http://www.perficient.com/webinars/ Let me know what you think! ACO = HIE + Analytics – a Healthcare IT Presentation View more […]

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New Tools for Managing a Public Health Crisis

Public health is defined as the science of protecting, improving, and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of societies, organizations, public and private, communities, and individuals.  In one of our most recent white papers, The HIT Trifecta, we highlighted the most important component of managing public health: data. This was done by […]

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New White Paper! Reap the Rewards of HIE with Patient Organization and Community Opt-In/Opt-Out

Open to the public 24/7, and being the keeper of the most private of all data, healthcare organizations are unlike any other in terms of security challenges.  A doctor cannot expect a patient to openly disclose private information if that patient fears that they may be harmed by that disclosure. As a new era dawns in the […]

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When Containing Costs Contains Solutions

Perficient has created this series, “Healthcare Analytics and Meaningful Use” to drive discussions around unlocking the true potential of EHRs with analytics. Stay tuned for this four-part series to be published throughout October and November.  We welcome your comments and questions below. Henry Ford claimed that a good business rule of thumb is to “make […]

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Helping Sick Kids Get Better With Healthcare Gamification

During the Connected Health conference last month there were a lot of great conversations around enabling patients around their health.  One particular panel on the psychology of game mechanics asked an important question about children and teenagers and their health: Can young people learn and adopt healthy behavior skills that they continue to use into […]

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Will ACOs Produce Accountable Patients?

I had the privilege of attending the Connected Health Symposium 2011 in Boston on October 20-21.  One of great ideas from that Symposium was to debate the key topics in healthcare today including the idea of Accountable Care Organizations and their ability to drive quality up and costs down.  At the heart of that idea […]

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