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Perficient hosts Agile Tour 2011 – HangZhou

As another example of our successful hosting of agile events, Perficient held Agile Tour 2011 HangZhou Stopon Saturday, November 26th. 134 people including 7 speakers gathered together to talk, to learn, and to share.
2011 is the year of Agile Manifesto 10 year Anniversary. When various organizations and teams have passed the “increasing awareness” stage, how do we implement agile and how do we focus on continued practice of agile? Therefore, the theme of Agile Tour 2011 HangZhou Stop is IMPLEMENTING. Circled with this theme, 2 keynotes and 4 topics were delivered.

Vernon Stinebaker, the CST from Perficient kicked off the event and gave the first keynote.

 “You may have a red car, but that doesn’t make it a Ferrari.”

By referring to Ron Jeffries (one of the 3 founders of the Extreme Programming) words, Vernon briefly reviewed the Agile 10 years Anniversary and explained the importance of being Agile with professional attitude. He also guided audiences to share their issues and resolve methods in 11 different groups to which their issues belong to.

The groups were organized with the 11 Scrum elements:

  • 3 roles (Team, Scrum Master and Product Owner),
  • 4 ceremonies (Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Daily Scrum and Sprint Retrospective),
  • 4 artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burn down Chart and Sprint).

After Vernon’s Keynote, Terry Yin from Odd-e delivered another wonderful keynote – “Programming Exercises”. Via the comparison of solving the problems from the website of and practicing on the katas from the website of, Terry illustrated how to be an effective programmer – which is exactly the base of an excellent Agile team.

In the afternoon, 4 sessions were delivered:

  • Shuai Wang from TaoBao delivered a session with the topic of “Scrum in TStar
  • Robin Qiao from Perficient delivered a session with the topic of “How can Agile starts without requirement?
  • Yi Xu from HP delivered a session with the topic of “I Ran Out of Silver Bullets, Now What?
  • JianCheng Zhou as an independent Agile Coach, delivered a session of “解析个体及交互之谜” – I translated it as “Solve the puzzle of individuals and interactions” since the author didn’t provide the topic in English.

In addition to these topics, Ronald Mai, one of the Perficient HangZhou’s Architects, held Coding Dojo which attracted the real programmers to share as well as to show their coding skills.
At the end, people stuck notes to the white board to address the two areas of “What did we do well?” and “What can we improve?” – Wow! We received a lot of positive feedback.

The whole event was well planned, coordinated and tracked by the Perficient HangZhou’s Training Specialist, Linda Ling. Today, Linda told me she is looking forward to organizing the next Agile event.

Me too! 🙂


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