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Headless Man

Headless CMS Solutions to Consider

If the benefits of headless CMS were convincing enough in the previous blog post that you decided to give, headless architecture a try, your next step is to find a good CMS platform. Below are some great options to get you started. Let’s examine them:   Sitecore – a fully functional CMS platform Sitecore is an industry-leading CMS combined with […]

Multiple email addresses for Workflow notifications

Workflows in Sitecore are an integral part of the content approval process. The email notification action is an important part of that process, in that it lets content approvers know that something is waiting for their attention. Out-of-the-box implementations of the notification actions only support a single email address to receive the messages. This can […]

Getting Started with Sitecore Cookie-Based Personalization Rules

While working on my current project we ran into a requirement to personalize content based on a cookie that is generated on certain actions within the site. Sitecore out-of-the-box personalization rules do not contain a rule to check for cookies and personalize content based on the existence of a cookie or a value contained within it. […]

Sitecore – Hidden Gems

Recently I was working with Sitecore Support to resolve an issue that I was running into with a page. During the process they asked me to generate a package of the item from the \admin page. I’ve been working with Sitecore for a few years and used things like the \admin\showconfig.aspx page. But I’ve never […]

Upgrading Sitecore – 8.0 update 4 to 8.1 update 2 – Walkthrough

Recently, I posted about issues that ran into during an upgrade of 8.0 update 4 rev. 150621 to 8.1 update 2 rev. 160302. That article is available here. That article did not cover the actual process of upgrading and I thought it may be beneficial to provide a walk-through of that. To start off, I went […]

Show up-to-date content in search results with mapping

I am back to blogging after a long pause – way too modest term for more than 7 months of break. 🙂 But you know the days when you are swamped too deep into the project and don’t do anything other than breathing and work. Everyone, almost everyone, goes through it. Anyway, back to business […]

Perficient announces three consultants named 2014 Sitecore MVPs

Today, Perficient announced that three of our technology consultants were named 2014 Sitecore Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs). The Sitecore MVP program, currently in its eighth year, recognizes individuals who have a passion for building Sitecore solutions and sharing their expertise with the community. Perficient is one of only five companies with three or more Sitecore […]

Guide to Integrating Your Product Catalog with Sitecore

The Perficient Sitecore team has been writing feverishly over the past few months to publish several new guides. Most recently, Mark Servais, a Sr. Technical Consultant within Perficient’s Sitecore practice and Sitecore MVP, authored a new paper, Four Ways to Successfully Integrate Your Product Catalog with Sitecore. Sitecore is a content management platform that is […]

Guide: Digital Engagement Trends Marketers Must Consider in 2014

January came and went rather quickly, and as marketers, that means we have less than 11 months left to accomplish what we’ve set out to do in 2014. Are you on the right track? In an effort to forecast the 2014 business landscape, Mark Gehman, Director of Perficient’s Sitecore practice, prepared a guide that emphasizes […]

Sitecore, Microsoft Dynamics and Vantiv – What It Means For You?

On Monday, Microsoft along with Sitecore and Vantiv announced alliances that will impact your commerce options and capabilities for your Sitecore investment. Sitecore and Microsoft plan to build a new joint e-commerce integration between Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) and Microsoft Dynamics to be able to provide improved channels for in-store and digital experiences. This […]

Sitecore Wins Critic’s Choice Award for Best Enterprise CMS!

Yet another win for Sitecore! Sitecore wins Critic’s Choice Award in “Best Enterprise CMS” category after winning People’s Choice Award in the same category last month.  Sitecore and winner of the last year, Adobe CQ5 which is re-branded as Experience Manager were running neck and neck for People’s Choice Award but Sitecore won it in […]

Sitecore: Forcing Vanity URLs to Perform a 301 Redirect

A client of ours is performing a migration of their old site content onto their new Sitecore instance. The old site contained vanity URLs for their product catalog that they wanted to utilize for the new site. They wanted to send a 301 redirect for SEO and then display the new Sitecore item representing the product […]

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