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Guide: Digital Engagement Trends Marketers Must Consider in 2014

January came and went rather quickly, and as marketers, that means we have less than 11 months left to accomplish what we’ve set out to do in 2014. Are you on the right track?
In an effort to forecast the 2014 business landscape, Mark Gehman, Director of Perficient’s Sitecore practice, prepared a guide that emphasizes underlying business currents, technical innovations and operational cultures. The guide, Digital Engagement Trends Marketers Must Consider in 2014, first explores several dimensions that form the foundation of his predictions, and then details the trends he expects to see this year. These dimensions, or catalysts per se, include demand, context, behavior and duration. The described catalysts address the need for operational leverage provided by a well delivered customer engagement strategy, and the predictions that follow are based on this theme.
Current trends include:Guide to Digital Engagement Trends

  1. Collaborate to drive customer experiences
  2. Don’t ignore the cloud
  3. Create meaningful and relevant connections with users

To find out what exactly these three trends entail, and learn key takeaways that will allow you to plan accordingly, you can download the guide here. 
When it comes to customer engagement, Perficient often recommends Sitecore’s Customer Engagement Platform (CEP), which is an integrated platform for marketing engagement, automation and analytics. Perficient is one of less than 20 Sitecore CEP certified solution partners. Sitecore unites marketing and IT, facilitating collaboration and delivering results.
If you’d like to hear firsthand how Sitecore works, take a look at the on demand webinar, How Lamar Created an Engaging and Mobile Website, where Lamar’s Creative Director explains how Lamar tripled website engagement with Sitecore.

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