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Oracle’s Recent Enterprise Data Management Updates

The recent updates for Oracle’s Enterprise Data Management platform offers a few new features to be aware if considering implementing the tool. Inclusion of Financials Cloud General Ledger Users can now manage descriptive flexfields (DFFs) for Financials Cloud General Ledger. Descriptive flexfields can be registered for Financials Cloud General Ledger applications and/or segments. The registration […]

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Enterprise Data Management Cloud – Built for Business Users

Oracle’s latest Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) cloud offering, Enterprise Data Management Cloud Service (EDMCS), is the next generation application for interacting with enterprise data domains such as master data, reference data, dimensions, hierarchies, mappings, etc. What makes EDMCS so exciting? The answer lies in Oracle’s approach to provide a data management application that caters specifically to […]

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Overcoming the Road Blocks to Governance Success

So here we are. From my last entry you know we just crafted the perfect set of benefit statements for why the enterprise should put an Information Governance Program in place. But alas, you find yourself still getting pushback and objections. Can’t people see how good this is? Well, frankly, yes and no. This is […]

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“Selling” Governance to Leadership: What are the Benefits?

So, if you’ve been following along on this “Governance journey” you know we’ve discussed what it is (strategic business capability) and some helpful items (frameworks, tools, certifications) for carrying out its mission. But, as you likely know, sometime establishing a program is a tough sell. It is often viewed as “overhead” or just more red […]

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The Evolution of Industry Tools for the “New” Governance

Welcome (back) to my blog as we continue to expound upon Governance and what it means within a business enterprise. To date we’ve defined what Governance is and talked a bit about how the industry supports it through the availability of Frameworks and Guidance for establishing and running a program. Now I’d like to turn […]

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Known Process, Unknown Tech vs Unknown Process, Known Tech

An interesting take on data from “The CUBE” interviewing Anil Chakravarthy (CEO, Informatica). Until recently, technology was driven by requirements from known processes such as CRM, ERP, and HR modules. In recent years, technology such as Cloud, Big Data, and SaaS applications have been driving new business processes and identifying opportunities for improvements and new […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #10

TREND #10: POSITION BIG DATA TECHNOLOGIES TO ENABLE THE EVERYDAY USE OF DATA SCIENCE The Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing significantly as consumers and businesses recognize the benefits of connecting devices to the Internet. Gartner, Inc. forecasts that there will be 25 billion “connected things” by 2020. Healthcare organizations are also beginning to […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #9

TREND #9: DEVELOP AND IMPLEMENT A STRONG GOVERNANCE STRATEGY AND ORGANIZATION Data governance is the overall management of enterprise data. It encompasses the people, processes, and information technology required to consistently ensure data value, quality and integrity, improvement, development, and maintenance. It also includes a single shared definition for all data, data security, and availability […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #7

TREND #7: LEVERAGE NEW TOOLS AND SKILLS TO TRANSFORM LARGE VOLUMES OF DATA INTO MEANINGFUL INFORMATION Healthcare analytics have traditionally been reactive, and many healthcare organizations have taken the approach of “we will figure it out when the time comes.” That approach is simply not effective in today’s transforming healthcare industry. In order to survive, […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #6

TREND #6: USE PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS TO REDUCE READMISSIONS AND IMPROVE OUTCOMES Predictive Analytics solutions uncover insights from trends and patterns to determine the impact of operational adjustments and market forces on healthcare organizations. Statistical analysis and predictive modeling expand on the findings gained through business intelligence solutions to answer “What will happen?” given certain business […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #5

TREND #5: UTILIZE REUSABLE ACCELERATORS TO QUICKLY ACHIEVE ACTIONABLE DATA-DRIVEN INSIGHTS One of the keys to a data-driven organization’s success is interoperability of all data systems. Data integration is not only critical for making sound business decisions but it is also the cornerstone to understanding and engaging with consumers. For healthcare organizations, integrating data is […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #3

TREND #3: LEVERAGE CROSS-CONTINUUM DATA ANALYSIS FOR IMPROVED PATIENT CARE AND OUTCOMES Despite all the changes within the industry, the healthcare continuum remains relatively the same. However, our perspective across that continuum has changed considerably due in large part to the enhanced view enabled by healthcare analytics. Historically, healthcare analytics has been used to manage […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #2

INTEGRATE CLINICAL AND CLAIMS DATA TO ENABLE POPULATION HEALTH MANAGEMENT INSIGHT Technology-enabled population health initiatives have traditionally relied solely on either clinical data or claims data. While this method has value, there is a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to take population health efforts to the next level by integrating both clinical and claims data. […]

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10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #1

TREND #1: ALIGN CLINICAL, QUALITY AND FINANCIAL ANALYTICS TO ENABLE VALUE-BASED CARE Healthcare organizations today are being challenged to reduce costs, improve care coordination and outcomes, be patient-centric, and provide more with less. And they are doing all of this while trying to adhere to regulatory requirements and untangle the entrenched web of inefficiencies that […]

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It’s all about the data, the data…

When Apple jumped into the payment processing with ApplePay, I thought this would be a great leg up for Apple. But who will be the winner and who will be the loser? Granted the payment switches from the credit card to ApplePay which indirectly pays for the purchase, who cares as long as we can […]

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Internet of Things and Enterprise Data Management…

  It is amazing to see the technology terms we come up with to explain new technology or trend. The consulting thought leadership coins the words to group a set of technology, trend to make it easier for people to have a context. However the success and adoption of the technology/trend defines the term’s reputation. […]

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Information Is Your Competitive Advantage

Information has always been available to us, but never before has there been so much at our finger tips, coming at us so quickly from many different sources. We can no longer continue managing our enterprise information the same way we have for the last 30 years, it is not sufficient. With that I would […]

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Do you share your Master Data with your Partners?

The importance of maintaining accurate Master Data is vital to running the business efficiently. You have your Master Data under control at your end, but what about your partners, suppliers and award/reward programs? Are they ready for timely integration of Master Data? What is their commitment to your success? Let me tell you my personal […]

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