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Sitecore 10.4

Sitecore 10.4 is out and here’s all you need to know about it

That was a decent gap since 1.5 years ago Sitecore previously released a feature-full version of their XM/XP platform, namely 10.3 was released on December 1st of 2022. That is why I was very excited to look through the newest release of the vendor’s self-hosted platforms and familiarize myself with its changes. First and foremost, […]

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Using Docker – Life After Docker Desktop

Many people are starting to moving away from Docker Desktop.  It is important to remember that Docker Desktop is not Docker!  Docker is a standalone tool that allows you to run containers.  Docker Desktop is a separate tool that gives you some information about your images and containers in a nice GUI.  In this article, […]

Software Update Or Operating System Upgrade To Keep The Device Up To Date With Added Functionality In New Version And Improve Security. Updating Progress Bar On Computer Screen. Installing App Patch.

Troubleshooting Sitecore Image Update Issue

Troubleshooting image update issues in Sitecore can prove to be a complex task, as various factors could contribute to the problem. We recently encountered an issue where, after updating the “Sitecore Images,” our local project instance stopped working. In order to resolve the issue, we attempted multiple possible solutions, including those available on the internet, […]

Optimizely Configured Commerce Best Practices

Migrating Docker Compose from V1 to V2 Code Details

High-level details to migrate docker-compose from v1 to v2 are available in this blog, “Docker-Compose v1 End of Life in June 2023. Welcome Docker Compose v2! Upgrade Instructions,” authored by Martin Miles. Here in this article, we are going to see step-by-step code changes required to migrate docker-compose from v1 to v2. 1: Check, if […]

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Docker-Compose v1 End of Life in June 2023. Welcome Docker Compose v2! Upgrade Instructions

Docker has decided to sunset v1 of Compose so we need to update our docker stuff. Sitecore is working at their end to bring all the required support. Let’s take a look at what actions we as developers need to take in order to migrate to v2 smoothly. What is Docker Compose? Docker Compose simplifies […]

Sitecore Headless Starterkit

Creating a containerized Sitecore Headless StarterKit with the latest Next.js SDK and Headless SXA

Many of you who want to start a headless solution come into a situation where there is a lot of information available and it is difficult to identify which approach to take. Sitecore features decent documentation, but it covers only part of a desired solution and is segmented. This post will address the problem and […]

Openshift as an application factory

Openshift Essentials and Modern App Dev on Kubernetes

Introduction Whether you have already adopted Openshift or are considering it, this article will help you increase your ROI and productivity by listing the 12 essential features including with any Openshift subscription. This is where Openshift shines as a platform when compared to pure Kubernetes engine distributions like EKS, AKS, etc. which are more barebones […]

Rendering Host with Xm Cloud

Not just Next.js! Making XM Cloud work with .NET Core Headless Renderings

Next.js is a wonderful framework and paired with its vendor platform (Vercel) it indeed provides exceptional capabilities for building natively headless applications. That unfortunately shadows out another great SDK for headless implementations – .NET Core Renderings, which in my opinion is undervalued. So, I decided to give it some more care by making it work […]

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LTSC2022 images for Sitecore containers released: what does it mean to me?

Exciting news! Sitecore kept the original promise and released the new ltsc2022 container images for all the topologies of both the 10.3 and 10.2 versions of their platform. The biggest benefits of new images are improved image sizes – almost 50% smaller than ltsc2019, and support for running Process Isolation on Windows 11. Check it […]

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Using Docker – Multiple Virtual Machines

I work on multiple projects at the same time. In my daily workflow, I switch between projects throughout the day. It is important for me to keep my projects separate for security reasons. To accomplish this, I have a separate virtual machine for each client. I am able to stay logged in to required systems, […]

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Using Docker – docker-index.exe High CPU and Disk Usage

I recently updated Docker Desktop to version 4.16.3. My system ran much slower than I am used to when running docker. My first reaction is to open task manager and see what is going on with my system. Docker Desktop is using 81% of my CPU!!!?? Expanding the item, I notice the culprit is docker-index.exe. […]

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Upgrading Sitecore Platforms – Upgrading the Сodebase

So, you find yourself in a need of upgrade of your existing Sitecore platform and don’t know what to start with or how to approach it? This series of blog posts will cover the whole process from zero to hero, or in upgrade terms – from planning to going live. It comes in the form […]

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