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Using Docker – docker-index.exe High CPU and Disk Usage

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I recently updated Docker Desktop to version 4.16.3. My system ran much slower than I am used to when running docker. My first reaction is to open task manager and see what is going on with my system. Docker Desktop is using 81% of my CPU!!!?? Expanding the item, I notice the culprit is docker-index.exe.

Using Docker Index Exe High Usage

This process is part of an experimental feature which is now enabled by default. You can disable this feature in the settings menu for Docker Desktop. Click on the tab for features in development then experimental features section. Uncheck the boxes for access experimental features as well as enable background SBOM indexing. Click the box to apply changes and restart.

Using Docker Disable Experimental Features

As you can see, my system returned to the expected level of performance. Docker Desktop also significantly reduced the amount of CPU usage.

Using Docker No Docker Index Process

Even after disabling the indexer, I noticed that my hard drive was running low on space. The indexer stored a large amount of data in my C:\users\<user_folder>\AppData\Local\Temp\docker-index folder.

Using Docker Docker Index Disk Usage

I tried to delete the data using the disk clean up drive tool wizard. But the folder still remained. I manually deleted the folder with no issue and my system reported an increased amount of available space.

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