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Data Science in the Adobe Cloud Platform

Dave Bilbrough spoke to partners at the 2018 Adobe Summit about how Adobe has been transforming experience through the use of enterprise big data within the Adobe cloud platform. As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to evolve and shape customer experience, leveraging Adobe Cloud Platform to author, import or use pre-built intelligent services based […]

Because Unfortunately Summit Is In Vegas

Adobe Summit 101: Intro to the Adobe Solution Landscape

As a digital marketer or technologist, Adobe’s technologies offer tremendous potential and impressive capabilities. But, with all the different names, teams and viewpoints from Adobe, much less the partner ecosystem, how do you keep it all straight? This post is intended to be your introduction to the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Whether you are just […]

10 Takeaways from Adobe’s Digital Marketing Masters Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend the first-ever Adobe Digital Marketing Masters Workshop in the Adobe office in San Francisco last week. The 5-day in-classroom workshop was packed with knowledge and hands-on information about some of the most popular Adobe Experience Cloud products, including Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Dynamic Tag Management, […]

Adobe and Microsoft: Preserving the Status Quo is Not a Strategy

“Preserving the status quo is not a strategy.”  That’s how Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen kicked off the Adobe Summit on Tuesday. He was speaking of digital disruption and transformation in general, but what amounted to a vision statement could just as easily sum up the burgeoning new alliance between his company and Microsoft. The status […]

An Example of Personalization Done Right

Last night I talked to my best friend at home in Pittsburgh and told her that I’d see her over Thanksgiving weekend — before I had even begun to look at flights.  While I was excited in anticipation of seeing friends for the holiday weekend, I’ve had connection woes over this very weekend several years […]

The Beauty of Personalization (When It Hits the Bulls-eye)

Over the past decade, personalized marketing has evolved rapidly, and marketers are seeing the benefit. Results include increased conversion rates and sales, greater customer loyalty, and even smarter spend of marketing dollars. Companies that have implemented personalization report a 14% uplift in sales – Econsultancy / Adobe, 2014 Targeting your customers with a personalized experience removes […]

Live from Adobe Summit: Top Three to See

As the second day of Summit unfolds, Dan Klco, Perficient’s SME on the street and Senior Solutions Architect for our Adobe Practice, highlights the top three things to watch from Adobe. Check out the video to hear more about: Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Adobe Campaign Hands-on Adobe Lab What amazing things have you seen or […]

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Managing Adobe Campaign Packages via the Command Line

Adobe Campaign includes a command line interface by which administrators and developers can interact with the system via a command line interface, instead of the graphical user interface. Included in this command line interface is a tool for importing and exporting packages directly through the command line. This allows teams and users to more easily share and […]

Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign Working Well Together

At Adobe Summit, Ben Tepfer, Mickael Bentz and Urosh Pajic talked about how Adobe has integrated Experience Manager with Adobe Campaign. Too often a company’s campaign system is totally separate from the content management system. So, you end up with duplicate content, inconsistent experiences, inconsistent tracking of results, and an inefficient process. Adobe wanted to streamline […]

Top Golf Bay

Adobe Using Adobe Campaign For Cross-Channel Marketing

A key question for a technology vendor is “Do you use your own technology for what you are selling to the rest of us?” It’s often frustrating to me to visit a web content manager’s web site and find that they don’t use their own product to manage the site. At the Adobe Summit, I’m […]

Adobe Summit 2015: Adobe Campaign 101: Cross-Channel Marketing

Adobe Campaign is a Marketing Cloud tool to create and manage cross channel marketing campaigns. Campaigns consists of workflows, cross-channel execution (targeted emails, direct mail, web content, call centers and push messages), market segments and analytics. Patrick Tripp (@ptripp), Sr Product Marketing Manager, introduced Adobe Campaign at Adobe Summit. He started with a poll of the audience. Most people […]

Adobe Summit: Designing an integrated customer profile

Matthew Rawding, a Consulting Manager with Adobe. talked about how to use Adobe Campaign to create an integrated customer profile.  So what is an integrated customer profile? An integrated customer profile is a main pillar of Adobe Campaign.  Also included in Campaign are targeted segmentation, visual campaign orchestration, cross-channel execution, real time interaction management, and […]

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