Adobe Experience Manager and Campaign Working Well Together

At Adobe Summit, Ben Tepfer, Mickael Bentz and Urosh Pajic talked about how Adobe has integrated Experience Manager with Adobe Campaign. Too often a company’s campaign system is totally separate from the content management system. So, you end up with duplicate content, inconsistent experiences, inconsistent tracking of results, and an inefficient process.
Adobe wanted to streamline content creation within the campaign process, eliminate technology silos and complex data flows and accelerate campaign time to market. In the Marketing Cloud, Campaign orchestrates the campaign workflow, manages targeted segments and provides measurement and reporting. Experience Manager provides the tools to create and manage content that would be delivered through a campaign.
Here are the benefits from integrating these products:

  • Integrated cross-channel content authoring. Messages are created in AEM and then delivered by Campaign.  This gives you access to existing assets, and great tools to compose a personalized email message through pre-built templates. One company cited a 50% reduction in the time to publish content.
  • Extend collaboration with AEM Assets that come from the Creative Cloud can be reused easily in each campaign without copying files from one system to the other.  This makes both creative and marketing teams more agile, effective and efficient. Also workflows in AEM can be used to make sure content is approved before it gets pushed out to customers.
  • User data can be shared between both systems.  This unified data can be used to personalize email as well as the web site.  Segments created in AEM can be used within Campaign. You can also create forms in AEM that can be used in the email.  Further, user data can be pre-populated to make it easier for the user to submit the form.

All of these capabilities are available across channels. 
Where to start with this integration?  First understand your organization and who has what content and assets.  Next centralize your content and assets into Creative Cloud and AEM.  Finally reimagine your workflows and how you can improve the process.  

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