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Digital Strategy that Changes Healthcare from the Outside In

When it comes to digital solutions in healthcare I hear a lot about introducing a retail strategy. Sure, there is a lot to gain by peeking our heads over the fence at other industries so that we can learn and implement successfully upon the expectations our healthcare consumers have gained with their experience outside of […]

R11 – Fact #6 Payables – Payments

From the Home Page, the user can access the Payables landing page and work areas to perform tasks and monitor activities.  As seen in an earlier blog, there are three work areas under Payables.  They are Payables Dashboard, Invoices and Payments.  Today’s blog will show you aspects about the Payments work area. The user can […]

10 Healthcare Analytics Trends for 2016: Trend #8

TREND #8: INCREASE LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING AND CONTROL OVER ACO DATA AND ANALYTICS Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) spend a good amount of time discussing which technology systems to use, but very little time on determining who owns the data. ACOs have multiple stakeholders including partners in the ACO, patients, and insurers. Each of these stakeholders […]

2015 Healthcare ACO Trends and The Key to Success [Infographic]

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) as a model to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care across the continuum and improve population health management (PHM) has significantly increased. In an ACO, healthcare providers take responsibility for the health of a defined population, coordinate care across the continuum, and are held to benchmark levels of quality and cost. In 2015 […]

Would you use a Self-Service Symptom Checker Portal?

I sometimes read information about symptoms from Dr. Google but generally, I think this is a pretty bad idea … one of the reasons is because I believe in the power of thought and visualization … but we won’t go there in this blog. What I’d like to talk about is the powerful platform being […]

Small Data for Big Wins

Marc Perlman, Global Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Oracle, writes about how “small data” is important to solve “big” healthcare problems in HealthCare IT News “HIE Watch” magazine.   The full article can be viewed at: Oracle HIE solutions provide a comprehensive HIE technology stack from hardware and storage infrastructure to databases and […]

The Healthcare Debate is now about Finance

HFMA President and CEO Joe Fifer told healthcare finance professionals last week at ANI: The HFMA National Institute. “People want to know why health care costs what it does and what we’re doing about it,” Fifer said. “We need to move beyond the rhetoric.”1 Fifer went on to say that consumers are fed up with […]

One big way that Big Data will drive population health management

I’ve been working directly with our partner, IBM, lately, on our own healthcare analytics offerings. Recently, I saw this quote in a presentation slide on one of our projects: “Delivering integrated care requires an ability to transform data into actionable insights.” These insights lead to smarter decisions, and that ultimately leads to better outcomes for […]

Patient Experience and Care Management

Almost everyone can relate to being a patient but not everyone can relate to the challenges of coordinated care management.  I’m here at the Patient Experience Summit at the Cleveland Clinic learning how providers will need to shift their culture and their resources to engage patients to be involved in their own care as well […]

The role of a Data Warehouse in the Accountable Care Organization

I read an article recently about the role of analytics within an Accountable Care Organization.  This article discussed the need for a longitudinal view of patients using data from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  Healthcare providers are making better data decisions through uses of EMR technology, but there is more than a “query” involved! Now […]

Perficient & Oracle Talking PCM Strategy for Healthcare Providers

We’re gearing up for our upcoming webinar “A Profitability and Cost Management Strategy for Healthcare Providers” co-hosted by our own Tony Coffman, Director Oracle EPM and William Bercik, Director of Healthcare at Oracle for the Provider industry, on Wednesday, March 27, at 11 a.m. CDT. The webinar will highlight and discuss how leveraging advanced analytics to manage population health, develop risk […]

Insights from Unstructured Data in Healthcare

In healthcare, the current trend resulting from regulatory influences (Accountable Care) is taking the “data driven decision” from the patient level and service level for quality and operational efficiency to the population health and community level.    Oracle’s Enterprise Health Analytics and Health Information Exchange are key enablers to help meet these objectives. Potentially useful information […]

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