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Would you use a Self-Service Symptom Checker Portal?

I sometimes read information about symptoms from Dr. Google but generally, I think this is a pretty bad idea … one of the reasons is because I believe in the power of thought and visualization … but we won’t go there in this blog.

What I’d like to talk about is the powerful platform being used by Perficient which leverages Oracle cloud based customer experience solutions to implement symptom checker technology that is much more functional than Dr. Google.

For those patients outside the traditional medical setting, which is a growing population, the Perficient member/patient “Self-Service Symptom Portal” enhances the telemedicine Would you use a Self-service Symptom Checker Portal? experience by utilizing structured “symptom questionnaires” to guide the patient through a friendly intuitive process. This approach eliminates the phone consult and results in shorter cycle times (in most cases hours to minutes) for the patient. The underlying integrated platform has the capability to inform providers (whether it is the physician or the at-home care giver) of actionable data in a timely fashion.

I would use this symptom checker or trust it for use by those in my care in concert with the growing amount of at-home health technology which can be integrated.

Stop by and visit us at OOW14 to see our Self-Service Symptom Portal in action! We are located at the Healthcare Solutions Pavilion in Industry Central (Marriott Hotel Atrium Lobby booth HMH-003) and at the Perficient Main Booth #2221: Moscone South Exhibition Hall Level 1.

Also, watch Perficient.com for our upcoming webinar for a demo on the symptom checker on November 6, 2014 at 2:00 CST.

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