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Tyson Damman

Through creative direction and concept development, Tyson has spent 15 years creating award-winning digital experiences for brands big and small.

Blogs from this Author

Corporate Memphis: The Style of Silicon Valley by Way of Italy and Bob Dylan

You’ve probably seen them before – colorfully illustrated characters with bendy limbs, accompanied by geometric shapes and friendly typography, portraying a sense of optimism and collaboration on the website or app from the latest startup. This style, known as Corporate Memphis, has become synonymous with the modern web and big tech. The style has become […]

The Evolution of Digital Design: Why Good Design is More Than Good Aesthetics

Digital design as we know it today is still a relatively new concept. It’s so new that only 22% of 557 organizations surveyed had the design operations to implement the design at scale in 2020, a surprisingly low number when considering the few organizations that tapped into the design for more than just the looks were able to outperform the S&P by 228% over a […]

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Elevating Digital Experience to Another Dimension with Interactive 3D

Raise your hand if you’ve watched a movie or played a video game in the past 20 years. Keep those hands up if you’ve ever been in a car, or a building, or used a smartphone. Most of the modern world we live in, from the entertainment we consume to the products and spaces we […]